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To Brexit or not to Brexit – that is the debate raging in political circles, news channels and boardrooms across the UK and Europe as the Brexit date of 29th March 2019 looms large! While most experts are contemplating the pros and cons and the repercussions of this move of Britain away from the European Union & whether it will happen now or in the imminent future, one ingenious luxury watchmaker Graham has immortalized Brexit with a Graham Chronofighter Vintage UK Limited Edition that takes unity into its own hands.

450 3From pomp to punk, the UK has always steered away from black and white perspectives. The Graham Chronofighter Vintage UK shows this spirit in its true colors, in this case those of the union jack flag. The timely Swiss watch with a British heritage addresses Brexit with heart-felt honesty – by adding a question mark. As in any love affair, this tiny piece of punctuation speaks volumes. Should I go or should I stay? Can we still be friends? Will we ever get back together again? It sets the tone for a timepiece with stunning looks, a love of tradition and the courage to look to the future.

A red, white and blue painted dial flags up a mood of familiarity with a twist on this automatic chronograph with a day-date display. At first sight, the red and white stripes are boldly patriotic, yet a concertina effect lets through more blue than usual. Modernist design language or a subtle hint that a variation on European blue is still welcome?

The iconic Graham Chronofighter trigger mechanism on the left-hand side enables a fast-action start/stop – a Brexit negotiator’s dream. The eye-catching timepiece comes with a blue calf leather strap with red and white stitching. A brown alternative is available for a stronger nostalgic statement. The Graham Chronofighter Vintage UK is a non-negotiable limited edition of 100 pieces. Take it or leave it.

The dial of the watch is painted with the three colored Union Jack flag (national flag of the United Kingdom) and it features an automatic chronograph Caliber – G1747, movement with the day-date and fast-action start-stop trigger among its key features. The timepiece is limited to 100 pieces and has a power reserve of 48 hours. The case diameter measures 44mm and is made of steel with a domed sapphire crystal, anti-reflective coating and a see-through sapphire crystal case back. The watch is water resistant to 330 feet. There is a blue calf leather strap with red and white stitches available as also a brown calf leather or blue leather with white stitches and steel pin buckle.

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The future takes the past tense as three Graham Chronofighter Vintage watches trigger a new chapter in a gripping story. If the Graham Chronofighter was a novel, it would be a page turner that propels the reader from one cliffhanger to the next. The latest “reveal” comprises three versions of a timepiece with a plot inspired by 1940s aviation history which is destined to be a head turner.

This quintessential stopwatch series was launched in 2001, alongside celebrity newborns such as Wikipedia and the iPod. The 2018 Graham triplets combine the iconic design, characterized by its signature trigger, with vintage colors. These distinguished timepieces are flying the flag for masculinity.

2CVAS.B26AThe inspiration of yesteryear military pilots is the heart and soul of the Graham Chronofighter Vintage. Positioned prominently on the left of the 44 mm case, the thumb-actuated trigger whisks the imaginations of contemporary tough guys to leather flying jackets and analogue cockpits.

Chronograph activation has never felt this way before. The chronograph functionality comprises two easily legible counters, one to trace seconds and the other to count 30-minute periods. The passage of hours, minutes and seconds, as well as days, holds the attention of the main dial.

The newly recruited timekeeping squadron takes in silver, khaki and black dials, teamed with hand-sewn calf leather straps in camel, dark brown or black. Their engine is a G1747 automatic chronograph movement with an Incabloc shock absorber. This is visible through the case back and also contains power reserve of 48 hours. All Graham Chronofighter watches are water resistant to 100 meters and equipped with a domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating.

The original historical timepieces are inspired by watches used in Military Air Forces. All watches feature a sun-brushed vintage dial with vintage colors including silver, green or black with indexes and hands and an automatic chronograph with day-date functions and a fast-action start/stop trigger. Each watch is fitted with hand-sewn calf leather straps and the dial has a day-date window at 9 o’clock. The watch has a caliber G1747, automatic chronograph movement.

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wearers imaginations


The latest pin‐ups to grace the Graham Chronofighter Vintage Nose Art Limited timepieces have spread their wings. They’ve moved on from the aviation origins of nose art to feel the rhythm of the inspiring sounds that captivated 1940s and 1950s dance floors. Four hand‐painted glamour girls grace the dials of four numbered limited editions, each one comprising 100 pieces. Without a second of hesitation they’ll whisk wearers imaginations off to times when Elvis was king and red lipstick ruled.

Belle speaks to today’s vinyl revival as she selects the discs that turned attention to freedom and emancipation after World War II. Linda has already hit the dance floor without any inhibitions about raised hemlines and eyebrows. Red guitar at hand, Lucia will strike a chord 2CVAS.B27A.L127Swith nostalgic souls happy to have a flamenco soundtrack for their reminiscing. Chloe masterfully combines Moulin Rouge with pretty in pink.

All Graham Vintage Nose Art Ltd timepieces are Swiss made. They are powered by an automatic chronograph G1747 movement with 48 hours of power reserve. The new quartet comprises hand‐sewn calf‐leather straps in blue, black and light or dark brown. Blue and grey dials provide the canvases for the exquisite and expressive “noise art”.

The artistic vintage historical timepieces inspired by Nose Art feature decorative painting on the nose, fuselage of military aircrafts starting in the 40s, sun-brushed vintage dials with painted pin-up girls named Belle, Lucia, Linda and Chloé. The watches have a 44 mm diameter and are automatic chronographs with a day-date, fast-action start/stop trigger and come fitted with hand-sewn calf leather straps. The watches feature a caliber G1747, automatic chronograph movement which is fitted with an Incabloc shock absorber.

Each watch has a 48-hour power reserve. The watch case is covered with a domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating and the case back also features a see-through sapphire crystal. The watches are water resistant to 100 meters and have dials in charcoal grey, blue or black sun-brushed with painted pin-up girls.

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carbon technology


Luxury watchmaker Graham’s Chronofighter Superlight Carbon watches integrate the inspiration of dynamic colored Formula One tyres. The brand with petrol in its veins and style on the brain presents timepieces that fuse superlight carbon technology with supercharged looks. The strong Graham affinity with motor racing is more than skin-deep. Sponsorship of the Brawn GP Formula One team from 2009 to 2011 preceded partnerships with the Swiss Porsche Cup, the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy, the Baja 1000, the GT Asia Series, the Spengler Cup, Silverstone circuit, the Swiss Gurnigel Hill Race and the Club Porsche Romand.

carbon technology The combination of carbon, a pillar of contemporary racing car prowess, and the head-turning tyre colors, accurately reflect these watches’ intrinsic union of appearance and performance. Unlike with the tyres, the straps’ functionality is weather-independent so their robust rubber composition is constant.

It goes without saying that none of these pieces is for “softies”. Orange conveys anticipation, green action, and purple asserts itself confidently as the new red. With their integrated “Clous de Paris” pattern, these stylish, bold attachments are as out there as a pace car.

In racing, weight definitely does matter. In the Graham Chronofighter Superlight Carbon it does too. Weighing in at less than 100 grams each, these sporty timepieces are never slow off the grid.

The case, trigger, bezel, dial and buckle are made of the innovative superlight carbon that’s become the 21st century hallmark of Formula One car construction. The resultant watches’ lightness could cause them to become forgotten; their distinctive design with the iconic trigger ensures that’s not going to happen.

The watch case is made from superlight black carbon composite and the movement is an automatic chronograph with tachymeter. The case diameter measures a macho 47 mm with a black carbon fast-action start/stop. The watch is water resistant to 330 feet.

carbon technology