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Chronoswiss concentrates on the bare essentials for the new Flying Grand Regulator Skeleton: With its barely existent dial and a skeletonized movement, the stunning timepiece is thus freed from all superfluous material in an innovative manner. The result is a multidimensional Regulator watch with an elaborately constructed dial and deep insights. The skeletonization exudes a particularly contemporary aura due to the masculine size of 44 mm and the innovative clear lines of the piece.

contemporary auraIn addition to the uncomplicated language of design, the dynamic coloring supports this effect. The funnel-shaped hour scale in is an absolute eye catcher.

Chronoswiss’ love of detail and horological finesse is also on display here: There is a smaller counterpart under the minute hand that accurately depicts an inverse image of the areas of the minute scale on a central miniature scale. These are hidden from view due to the overlapping of the large scale with the hour funnel. This trick elicits unclouded joy for the sophisticated design because the minutes can still be precisely read.

The aesthetically skeletonized hand-wound movement is characterized by a stop seconds mechanism: activating the crown triggers a slide that blocks the balance spring. Thus even the seconds hand can be stopped and precisely set.

The latest addition to the Flying Grand Regulator Skeleton range is limited edition, only 30 timepieces are being manufactured featuring a dial in galvanic silver with a distinctive horn-back alligator strap in classy saddle brown.


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Inspired by the concept of cryptocurrency, renowned independent Swiss watch brand Chronoswiss joined forces with Tech Bureau Europe to create five crypto-design watches in an exclusive blockchain watch series. These extravagant models have been manufactured in a limited edition of only 101 pieces each including Bitcoin – the currency, Ethereum – the contract, NEM – the harvest, Zaif – the exchange and COMSA – the token.

These models are based on the Flying Regulator Open Gear with its complex 3-D dial and visible Regulator mechanism featuring the dial as a part of the movement. They are available exclusively via the cryptocurrency exchange platform Zaif, where the first edition, Bitcoin the currency, had been launched back in April, followed by Ethereum. Now, the second wave is about to start, with the launch of the NEM watch. NEM/XEM stands for New Economy Movement and represents a crypto currency of Japanese origin which was created by crypto enthusiasts in 2015.

ChronoAs the other watches of the Blockchain series, the NEM model also pays tribute to its characteristic logo, which is featured in a high precision print on the lower level of the innovative 3-D dial. Furthermore, it is used in the skeletonized small seconds where it forms the second’s hand. Last but not the least, the NEM logo is sure to be found on the rear side. Here, it can be admired through the sapphire glass moving around on the skeletonized and rhodium-plated rotor. Another special edition feature is the individual number of the limited edition, which is printed onto the lower part of the dial.

Chronoswiss is a renowned, long-established Swiss watch manufacturer steeped in tradition and famed for its high-quality standards and aesthetics, as well as its authenticity and its strongly held values. At the same time, the brand embraces new technologies. From fall 2017, customers have been enabled to pay with crypto currencies.

These limited-edition collector’s pieces boast a high-end aesthetic. As all Chronoswiss timepieces, they are manufacture by highest Swiss standards of watchmaking and impress both by their uniqueness and high demands in terms of technology and quality.

Chronoswiss was founded in 1983, in the midst of the quartz crisis when only visionaries continued to believe in the mechanical watch. Entrepreneurial spirit and congenial inventions such as the sapphire glass back encasing the movement, an unmistakable design and the first series production of the regulator complication as a wrist watch made Chronoswiss unique and very successful.

The brand contributed significantly to the revival of the Swiss watchmaking industry. Today, Chronoswiss is concentrating on its roots by reinventing its most successful model, the Regulator, to the modern standards of the 21st century. Headquartered in Lucerne, Switzerland, the independent family-run brand manufactures only a few thousand watches per year according to strict Swiss Made quality standards. The exclusive mechanical timepieces are exported to over 26 countries and can be purchased in more than 150 selected watch retailers across the world.

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It’s been 30 years since the first Regulator. The iconic model by Chronoswiss is now all grown up – but it has lost none of its visionary character. It mastered 3D with the Flying Regulator and is now showcasing multi-level dials and complex movement modifications in true, inimitable style.

Just like the Flying Regulator Open Gear, the Flying Regulator Night and Day is also a completely in-house development, from design to module construction. Most of the components required are manufactured locally in Lucerne.

Looking at the Flying Regulator Night and Day, the unusual and intricately designed day/night dome display at the 9 o’clock position is the first thing to catch the eye. It was embedded in a half-dome and given a gleaming metallic look with titanium. The stars on the night side even glow in the dark thanks to their Super-LumiNova coating – a feature that’s not just for romantics!

Chronoswiss_CH_8763-BLBL_Soldat_WebChronoswiss_CH_8763-SISI_Sodat_WebThe luminous white material on the hands and indexes also significantly helps to ensure optimum legibility at night. The day side is a lighter shade of blue. The dial design alone comprises a total of 19 parts.

Alongside the aptly named day/night display, the Flying Regulator Night and Day has a 3-day date display at the 3 o’clock position. At the 6 o’clock position, the dial reveals some intense insights. Here, Chronoswiss has artfully uncovered the seconds wheel, on which the funnel-shaped scale draws the gaze almost hypnotically. The day/night display and date are easy to set using the crown.

The Flying Regulator Night and Day is available in four exciting designs – one of which is a limited special edition of 50 worldwide. Its design is based on the classic contrast between a deep cherry red and the galvanic blackness of the dial. Red highlights emphasize the funnel-shaped hour display and the seconds wheel designed like a rotary dial.

The limited edition number is meticulously painted by hand on the bottom of the day/night display. Three further designs are available to tempt watch connoisseurs: elegant red gold combined with a matte black galvanized dial, or perhaps a sporty stainless steel case with a blue or silver dial? Whatever your choice, you can count on a reliable timepiece at any time of the day or night.


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Inspired by the concept of cryptocurrency, renowned independent Swiss watch brand Chronoswiss has joined forces with Tech Bureau Europe to create five luxurious crypto design watches. These extravagant models have been manufactured in a limited edition of only 101 pieces each. They are available exclusively via the cryptocurrency exchange platform Zaif.

Working closely with the Japanese company Tech Bureau, independent and family‐run Swiss watch brand Chronoswiss has created an exclusive series of crypto‐design watches based on the Flying Regulator Open Gear. These limited‐edition collector’s pieces boast a high‐end aesthetic. Chronoswiss is a renowned, long-established Swiss watch manufacturer steeped in tradition and famed for its high‐quality standards, its authenticity and its strongly held values.

Bitcoin-Open-3800X600The following crypto‐design watches are soon available for purchase, each in a limited edition of 101 pieces: Bitcoin – the currency, NEM – the harvest, Ethereum – the contract, Zaif – the exchange and COMSA – the token. These luxury timepieces have been manufactured according to highest Swiss watchmaking standards. Already seen as unrivaled in terms of aesthetics and quality, they are therefore a must for every crypto enthusiast.

Their distinguishing characteristics include regulator movement with off‐center hours and seconds’ displays, Skeletonized Open Gear technology that makes the regulator mechanism the central design element, innovative and technically integrated 3‐D dial, individually designed for each edition, logo of the respective crypto currency elaborately skeletonized in the small seconds and in the logo print on the dial, individual limitation number painted by hand, skeletonized, red gold‐plated rotor with Cryptocurrency logo which can be admired through the sapphire, solid stainless steel case with ultra‐hard and scratch‐resistant diamond‐like carbon coating (5.000 Vickers) and exclusively manufactured by hand in the Atelier Lucerne

Chronoswiss was founded during the quartz crisis and developed purely mechanical watches, ever since connecting tradition and vision. Therefore, it appears natural to be curious and open minded about the future. “Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology are a dazzling aspect of our future that Chronoswiss follows and supports. With its’ homage to crypto currencies, Chronoswiss links the roots of traditional watchmaking with the digital revolution of new world currencies,” observed Oliver Ebstein, CEO, Chronoswiss

The limited‐edition watches can be purchased by anyone registered on Zaif. The corresponding auctions will take place within specified time frames between April 13 to 27, with the watches listed in the same way as tokens. Customers must place their bids as buy orders. The 101 highest bids per model will give the respective bidders legal ownership of one crypto‐design watch. It is just as easy as buying cryptocurrency.


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The Regulator was the first stand-alone model in the history of Chronoswiss and in subsequent years, it quickly became the brand´s central motif and standard bearer. It is therefore only logical that the design team pulled out all their stops on the occasion of the model’s 30th birthday, and the 35th anniversary of Chronoswiss. Once again, the brand has succeeded in bringing out completely new and surprising sides to their iconic model. Following the revolutionary 3D dials and skeletonized gears of recent years, Chronoswiss is now introducing the Flying Regulator Open Gear, providing unexpected insights and undoubtedly causing quite a stir.

For this exceptional Regulator, the modification of the movement, which would otherwise be hidden from prying eyes underneath the dial, has not only been made visible but also showcased as a central design element using every trick in the book. This is also why Chronoswiss christened this new model “Open Gear”. Its dial is simultaneously its module board, onto which the train wheel bridges of the skeletonized gears are mounted. These move on four ruby bearings, generating the least possible friction. The train wheel bridges have also been elaborately skeletonized and boast carefully angled and polished edges. Six visually appealing blued screws keep them reliably in their intended place on the dial, once more proving the brand´s credo of functional design.

SKELETONIZED GEARS At 6 o’clock on the dial, the Flying Regulator Open Gear reveals an exciting insight. The dial and the bridge have been skeletonized at the height of the small second so that you can see the second wheel in action. As the associated seconds scale – just like the display for the hour at 12 o’clock, by the way – floats above the dial on a funnel-like display, the gaze is virtually drawn towards the inner workings and to the seconds wheel, designed to look like a rotary dial.

When it comes to color, this ingeniously constructed timepiece comes in four different variants – choose from purist stainless steel with dials in galvanic blue, black or silver, or timeless elegance in a red gold case with galvanic silver dial. Super-LumiNova inlays on the hands and indexes always ensure great legibility in the dark.

This new model is a pure Chronoswiss development, from the design to the dial module. Its 37 individual parts were manufactured in Lucerne and then assembled in the House of Chronoswiss. The “Atelier Lucerne” mark, resplendent on the dial, is testament to this. Furthermore, the brand’s complete prototype construction is now performed in-house. A special edition of the Flying Regulator Open Gear will also be launched to celebrate the brand’s 35-year anniversary in 2018.

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Anything but ordinary: a Regulator Classic is not a watch like any other. This form of displaying the time has a tradition going back more than two centuries. It stands for what is special, unique and does not become immediately apparent to everyone. And this is more fundamental than ever: reading the dials with off-center hour and second’s hands takes a moment of focusing making every regulator an exquisite timepiece.

Sirius-Regulator_Regulator-Classic_Regulator-Classic-CH_8723_BK_RALLYEBy consciously taking out this moment in today’s fast-moving times, you take control of your own time again, which Chronoswiss fittingly words as “Regulate your time” in its claim.

The Regulator Classic stands out by its classic and timeless appearance in combination with fresh and sporty emphases. Distinguished details such as the guilloched interior of the display for hours and seconds, the precisely aligned length of the hands and the thrilling contrast between matt-finished and polished surfaces create a harmonious overall appearance.

Not least with its carefully selected combinations of colors and materials Chronoswiss has created an unconventional automatic watch that masters the balancing act between watchmaker tradition and timeless design.

The model with the 40 mm case made from stainless steel is available in three variants: in an entirely purist form with a dial in galvanic silver and thermally blued hands or, less conventional, in deep midnight blue, while the blue is echoed in both models by the interior of the calfskin strap.

The third variant is all classic and sporty: On the dial in galvanic black, signal red tones add that little dynamic extra that is emphasized by the casual rally design of the strap with red color elements.


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For Chronoswiss, the year 2013 was an important one: for one, it marked the thirtieth anniversary of the brand’s founding. There was, however, another reason to celebrate: the legendary Regulateur turned 25. Therefore, it made perfect sense to pay tribute to the ticking figurehead of the brand – in the shape of the Regulateur 30.

LEGENDARY REGULATEURThis anniversary watch is actually an “untypical” Regulateur, very surprising in that it includes a window at the 12 o’clock position. It is here that the hour is placed within a “digital” display. The minute display has moved upward a little bit, intersecting the display of seconds.

As an exclusive anniversary model, the Regulateur 30 is available only in a limited edition of 130 pieces in a red gold case and 300 pieces in a stainless steel case. Its delightful “face” is what captures one’s attention at first sight, boasting a lavish barleycorn guilloché pattern cut into the pure Sterling silver dial and emanating from its center. Both versions also contain a chessboard guilloché pattern within the minute and seconds sub-dials.

This timeless aesthetic is completed by thermally blued hands, which have been ground by hand and thus display precisely the right length for the dials’ displays. Less obvious little details like these will continue to play a large role at Chronoswiss in the future – for the next 30 years and beyond.

The watch case measures 40 mm and the case height is 9.65 mm and features a 42-hour power reserve. Other special features include a skeletonized and gold-plated rotor with côtes de Genève, ball bearing, polished pallet lever, escape wheel and screws and bridges with côtes de Genève.

Chronoswiss was founded in the middle of the quartz crisis in 1983, a time only visionary pioneers believed in the survival and comeback of mechanical watches. Entrepreneurial spirit and ingenious inventions such as the transparent case back, the unique Chronoswiss design and of course the Regulator wristwatch led to immediate success and helped to save fine Swiss watchmaking.

After decades of the Regulator being the most successful model the still independent watchmaker goes back to its origins and reinvents the Regulator watch in the 21st century. The strictly mechanical Swiss made watch producer annually manufactures some 2,000 timepieces. These are exported to 26 countries, where they can be purchased from 150 select specialized dealers. The company headquarters are located in Lucerne, Switzerland.

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Luxury Swiss watchmaker Chronoswiss’s Regulator is the variant with the jumping hour is an outstanding watch. The hours are not displayed as with the classic Regulator by sub-dials but are presented digitally in a window, making it look like a date at first sight.

CLASSIC REGULATORChronoswiss dedicated a limited Regulator model to this particularly clever complication some years ago on the occasion of the brand’s 30th anniversary. The Regulator Jumping Hour has secured itself a permanent position in the classic collection ever since. In 2016 Chronoswiss went a step further for this model, too, and launched a 3D version.

Above the watch dials with their characteristic guilloche pattern, the sub-dials rise for the minute hand and the seconds hand, artistically designed on a plinth. The arched glass offers a particularly good experience of this three-dimensionality.

As with its close relative, the Flying Regulator, the watch dials of the Flying Regulator Jumping Hour are also dominated by the elaborate signature guilloche. Depending on the angle, the sophisticated geometrical pattern, reveals its true beauty when exposed to light, appears chequered or as a complex basketwork.

The Chronoswiss Signature Guilloche is an in-house design developed in the studios of House of Chronoswiss in Lucerne. That is why the “Atelier Lucerne” inscription adorns the watch dials.

This Regulator model also comes with a choice of several colors and material variations, from the classic and timeless combination in a red gold or stainless steel case and a silver dial to dials in enigmatic black, which are lent a dynamic touch by signal red hands, through to extravagant, sporty galvanic tones such as blue or orange. Straps with colored interior leather specially made for the Flying collection play skillfully on the color tones.


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The smooth curving lines of the Sirius Regulator Jumping Hour are an indication of the cultured and restrained elegance that this attractive range from Chronoswiss projects.

SIRIUS REGULATORChronoswiss is reputed as the master of regulators and the Sirius Regulator Jumping Hour bears the essence of the famed DNA through every line and facet. The sub-dials stand out from the dial in distinguished differentiation, with contrasting finishes ensuring that they shine through in stark relief against the stunning guilloche patterned dial.

The blued hands add another note of style to the overall look.Crafted in variations of red gold and stainless steel, the watch features an off center minutes and seconds hand, with the sub-dial for the hours being substituted by a digital display at 12 o’clock.

The Sirius Regulator Jumping Hour comes with a solid case in red gold or stainless steel with a screw-down polished bezel with side knurling, full thread and anti-reflective sapphire crystal and a screw-down case-back with full thread and sapphire crystal.  The watches come with the characteristic onion-style crown; screw-in lugs with the patented Autobloc System and are water-resistant to 30 meters.

The Sirius Regulator Jumping Hour watches have a diameter measuring 40 mm and feature a 42-hour power reserve, with a Chronoswiss Caliber C.283, automatic movement. The dial of the watch is made of solid sterling silver (925) and the straps are made from Louisiana alligator leather.

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Only adding to the beauty of one of the most elegant Chronoswiss Regulator models ever, the new dial in stunning galvanic grey really suits the Flying Regulator Jumping Hour. By the special coloring, the iconic guilloche design becomes even more fascinating.

REGULATOR MODELS Depending on the angle of the light on the dial, the sophisticated geometrical pattern, appears chequered or as a complex basketwork. The Chronoswiss Signature Guilloche is an in-house design developed in the studios of House of Chronoswiss in Lucerne. That is why the “Atelier Lucerne” inscription adorns the watch dials.

The beautiful galvanic grey color was inspired by the first enamel dials manufactured in the Chronoswiss dial workshop. Back then, those were also created in a discreet shade of grey which accentuated the beauty of the guilloche pattern dial.

The galvanic grey is even reflected on the back of the watch. Through the transparent case back introduced by Chronoswiss decades ago, watch aficionados can admire the rotor galvanized in grey, too. Last but not the least, grey is a very suitable color for business (fashion).

The watch is available in a red gold case or stainless steel case, with satin finish and polished, bezel with partial knurling and curved, non-reflecting sapphire crystal, screw-down case back with satin finish and sapphire crystal, onion crown. The watch is water resistant up to 30 meters.