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The La Chaux-de-Fonds brand Corum announced the creation of a new collection: La Grande Vie. Beautifully presented, a creative exercise in which, paradoxically, Corum rarely participates: the mastery of the classic and timeless codes of traditional watchmaking.

The new collection La Grande Vie by Corum is the exception that proves the rule of the brand’s unbridled creativity. “We wanted to have a collection with an elegant, classic design. It complements, following our customers’ demand, our most daring pieces”, explains Jérôme Biard, CEO of Corum.

timeless codes timeless codes La Grande Vie adopts all the Corum codes by considering them in the light of permanent collections and timeless pieces, making them aesthetically accessible to experienced collectors and first-time buyers.

To launch the collection, three pieces are already available. They join Corum’s “Heritage” collection. All share a 42 mm titanium case within which lies a beating Swiss Made automatic caliber (SW300), visible through a sapphire crystal case back.

Their dials will probably attract the most attention, with a shimmering sunray finish in blue, red and green tones that magnifies each ray of light. From the center to the flange, this sunray finish gives the piece a radiant look.

Baton hour markers are stretched out on the dials, which Corum wanted to be more elongated and thin than average, accentuating the “sunray” effect reflected by La Grande Vie. They come with “Dauphine” hands – a highly “classical” feature of the traditional fine watchmaking that is wonderfully exhibited here by Corum.

At noon, the 12:00 hour marker is replaced by a large key – an oversized Corum logo – to leave the brand’s mark. Indeed, in the absence of the name “Corum” on the dial, watch enthusiasts will only know the identity of the brand that created La Grande Vie through this key logo.

With an extremely well-considered positioning, La Grande Vie is worthy of taking the torch from Corum’s timeless collections, such as the Chargé d’Affaires. This collection from the 1950s has long attracted watch enthusiasts for its mastery of classic watchmaking codes. Today, La Grande Vie follows its own unique path on the way to a redefined version of traditional watchmaking, also destined to leave its own mark.


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exclusive Bubble watch


The former footballer known as “The Lion” wanted to collaborate with Corum, a desire shared by the brand itself. From a friendship born out of a mutual and simultaneous desire comes a very exclusive Bubble watch.

It happens more and more often: a friend of Corum who, from time to time, shares his favorites on Instagram. When that friend is Djibril Cissé and counts a total of nearly 800,000 followers on Instagram, the likes do not go unnoticed!

Bubble_Djibril_Cisse_ambiance_1“I had been planning to work with him for a long time,” explains Jérôme Biard, CEO of Corum. “I knew that he was a collector with a very sophisticated taste. He wanted to get in touch with us and, at the same time, so did we. So, we met up in Lausanne, with the shared desire to create something together.”

Djibril Cissé already had a Bubble, a personal piece that he regularly wears. Therefore, the Bubble 52 immediately became the starting point for creating his own model. The idea was to create a subtle nod to his outstanding career as a footballer – but that’s not all. With several films to his name, a book, two solo albums, television appearances, a DJ career, his own clothing brand and many other collaborations, Djibril Cissé is a “serial entrepreneur”, an all-round artist with overflowing creativity.

“The Lion” wanted a daring watch. A skull, exclusively designed for him by Corum, can be found at the center of his Bubble 52. Made out of gold and modelled on the artist’s personal watch, the number “9” is visible on its jaw. It is the only reference to his past as a top athlete, the number on his striker jersey which he wore in all his matches.

The dial has no hands – a deliberate choice to give the skull the fiercest possible traits, occupying almost the entire dial. Instead, Corum used an off-center hour display called “Magical”. It rests on a flange with a complete timer and two red circles sweeping over it. The biggest one indicates the hours and the other indicates the minutes. The watch will be released in a limited edition of 88 pieces and powered by an automatic caliber offering 65 hours of power reserve.

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Accustomed to adorning the most beautiful marine dials, the Admiral is feeling provocative today and getting naked, with no dial. Both playful and technical, it is also opening the door for a number of personalization’s. The Admiral is one of the pillars of Corum’s heritage. Unveiled in 1960, five short years after the brand’s creation, it embodies Corum’s idea of maritime watchmaking. Although it has always been loyal to its artistic fiber, Corum has never been afraid to set sail for distant shores. That’s the case today with the Admiral 45 Squelette, a radical timepiece that showcases both a nautical design and pure watchmaking mechanics.
The mechanics are now visible for all to see. The particular nature of the movement calls for this approach: it was conceived in house, designed by Corum and made by EMC, its own production entity. Caliber CO 082 features a 42-hour power reserve. Presented in full view, it provides the Admiral with a more energetic look.
A082_03703_HDA082_03704_HDThe Admiral 45 Squelette is more than just a watch without a dial. Its bridges have all been open worked, then coated with an anthracite grey surface that provides two contrasts. The first is with the movement’s nickel silver gear trains, whose copper color stands out strikingly from the other components.
The second is with the dominant colors of the Admiral 45 Squelette’s different models: turquoise blue, yellow and red. These bright colors are distributed in different places on each version: on the seconds hand, the case, the bracelet and the date. As of today, Corum provides for the possibility of creating customized pieces with combinations of these three different colors, not to mention all the possibilities of colored bracelets.
The date is not designed in a traditional way. The date disc features numbers that have been enlarged. These Arabic numerals have not been painted or engraved on sapphire discs, as is normally the case with this kind of watchmaking creation. Instead, they have been individually blanked by means of precise electrical discharge machining. This blanking makes it possible to have thin numerals that do not require support and which are geared into position under the flange by means of a transmission system. This aerial architecture accentuates the skeleton effect of the Admiral 45. It also makes it possible to have a less obstructed view of the in-house caliber visible on the lower bridge.
To make it easier to read the large date on this skeleton watch, Corum has placed an aperture with a solid-colored bottom at 6 o’clock. Its colors further the contrast with the date and also add a modern and sporty touch to the Admiral 45 Squelette. The different colors of this collection – turquoise blue, yellow and red – can be found in this aperture. This skeleton composition features wide Dauphine hour and minute hands, which make their way around the 12 pennants so characteristic of the Admiral collection, engraved under the famous 12-sided bezel. All of this is presented in a grade 5 titanium case 45 mm in diameter and featuring a vulcanized rubber bracelet. Further adding to the nautical aspirations of the Admiral collection, the watch is water resistant to 300 meters.
Sporty chic and energetic, the collection features seven models, each in a limited edition of 288 pieces (three models with a natural titanium case, four with one in matte black PVD).

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Corum’s Bubble is playing on its charms and roundness and is ready to welcome a central tourbillon. The famous age-old complication has been given a new lease of life with a playful and contemporary touch. This could potentially mark the beginning of a Fine Watchmaking collection for the Bubble which has previously created unique haute jewellery bubble timepieces.

“The tourbillon was designed for pocket watches. On wristwatches, its function is purely aesthetic. With the magnifying effect provided by the Bubble’s domed crystal, a tourbillon has never been as present or as powerful on a wristwatch. This novel approach provides us with a glimpse of the possibility of Fine Watchmaking for the Bubble,” said Jérôme Biard, the CEO of Corum.

The brand unveiled the new Bubble Central Tourbillon at Baselworld 2018. Three characteristics of this piece make it a tourbillon that is one of a kind in watchmaking. First, the piece is generously proportioned. The Bubble’s 47 mm diameter provides ample space for the tourbillon to fully express itself. Then there’s the central position of the tourbillon, a complex technical choice, since it requires an inline movement construction. The complication nevertheless features a pallet that is not soldered and makes it possible for this centrally placed tourbillon to immediately catch the eye.

L406_03673_HDThe absence of hands on the watch is also noteworthy. The hours and minutes are moved to the flange, where they are indicated by two triangular markers: one in black that indicates the minutes, with a second one indicating the hours. The tourbillon itself indicates the seconds.

Finally, there is the Bubble’s domed sapphire crystal. Corum has frequently played on the magnifying effect in the center and lightly deforming effect on the sides to create different visual effects. That’s no different here. The peak of the sapphire crystal acts as a magnifying glass on the tourbillon, which is located just underneath, a natural way of bringing out the slightest details.

Taking advantage of this original watchmaking effect, Corum has depicted its key logo in the middle of the tourbillon, on its upper bridge. This delicate engraving is appearing for the first time, and in great detail. It’s worth noting in passing that Corum has opted for an authentic tourbillon, such as it was patented in 1801, and not a carrousel or flying version. It is powered by an automatic movement with a bidirectional oscillating weight and, above all, two barrels in series that promise both excellent isochronism and a 65-hour power reserve.

In keeping with the spirit of the Bubble, the Central Tourbillon is quirky and playful, not a conventional evening piece. Designed for everyday life, and beating at 28,800 vibrations per hour (4 Hz) for enhanced precision, it is made of titanium to ensure both lightness and sturdiness. Three different versions are available: black & pink gold on rubber, natural titanium & blue on rubber or on Milanese mesh made from grade 5 titanium, for a perfect aesthetic and technical consistency that is rare for a Milanese mesh watch strap. Water resistance is guaranteed to 100 meters, another rarity for a piece with a tourbillon, providing the Bubble Central Tourbillon with an urban, sporty and contemporary character.


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exquisite interplay


The Golden Bridge Round 39 from luxury Swiss watchmaker Corum is a perfect example of a watch with a baguette movement. It is among one of the most daring High Jewellery creations, not only for Corum but for contemporary watchmaking. The Golden Bridge Round 39’s unique architecture features an exquisite interplay of shapes with its horizontal baguette movement and a half-moon on each side of a round 39 mm case. No fewer than six new High Jewellery versions were unveiled at Baselworld 2018. Together, they highlight five exceptional stones: diamond, sapphire, ruby, tsavorite and amethyst.

These stones are set in a genuine gold lacework that extends across the movement. Unlike most jewellery creations, with the Golden Bridge Round 39, light thus comes from within the piece. It illuminates the movement with glints of blue, green, red, purple and white. The baguette movement is the central element and core identity of any Golden Bridge, and the entire composition of the Round 39 model has been designed to showcase it once again.

B113_03651_HDB113_03652_HDTo do so, a lacework microstructure has been stretched out alongside the movement, which is home to gem setting requiring a day and a half of work. To accentuate the dial’s radiance, Corum’s artisans have chosen a marquise cut for the stones, giving the impression that rays of light are emanating from the movement and radiating out toward the case. Finally, the openwork character of the jewellery lacework allows light to literally cross through the piece. Each stone sparkles differently, depending on the angle, nature and intensity of the light that is cast on it, meaning that the Golden Bridge Round 39 never looks quite the same throughout the day.

As with any High Jewellery piece, the Golden Bridge Round 39, offered in white gold and pink gold, is entirely paved (dial, bezel and horns). The diamond version has a final particularity: the two gold bridges that frame its baguette movement are paved with diamonds, as is the flange. These versions feature 76 Wesselton diamonds on the case, 12 marquise-cut diamonds and 24 round-cut diamonds on the microstructure, as well as 46 round-cut diamonds on the bridges of the microstructure and 60 diamonds on the flange, for a total of 6.41 carats.

“The success of the Golden Bridge Round 39 comes down to one thing: it honors the airy and light character of the baguette movement. Precious stones should serve an exceptional mechanism. And that is exactly the case with the Golden Bridge Round 39, which is the perfect combination of watchmaking and high jewellery,” concludes Jérôme Biard, CEO of Corum.

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Luxury Swiss watchmaker Corum is unveiling a new limited edition of its Coin collection: the Hobo Coins. Originally a popular art form developed by vagrants, now the hobo coin is being revived by the exceptional and talented artist Aleksey Saburov. Although normally based in New York, he will be in attendance at Baselworld, where he will be producing one of these unique pieces live for all to see.

It once was the poor man’s coin. Five cents, made from nickel, issued shortly before the Great Depression. They were worth so little that even vagrants would rework them to earn a miserly profit. This earned them the name “hobo coins”, created from small change minted by the United States from 1913 onwards, serving as witness to a past of hope and roaming, creativity and popular crafts. They were the creation of travelling workers who crossed the continent in freight trains, soldiers bound for the front during the First World War, or penniless artists seeking a fleeting American dream.

COIN COLLECTIONToday, genuine hobo coins have become extremely scarce. Since 1992, an independent organization, the Original Hobo Nickel Society has steadfastly preserved this heritage, determined to prevent this popular art form from falling into obscurity, given its involvement in a critical period of US and world history on the eve of the great crash of 1929.

Freelance artist Aleksey Saburov is helping to promote its historic revival. A Russian engraver living in New York, he produces 21st-century hobo coins, subverting popular imagery and its legends, demons and beliefs to create genuine unique works of art, micro-engraved on authentic early 20th-century five-cent pieces.

Corum gave the artist the chance to showcase his work in its well-known Coin collection, reviving the forgotten art of hobo coins especially for a very limited edition of unique pieces. “Popular art never dies; it changes over the centuries,” explains Jérôme Biard, CEO of Corum. “Our role is to be its witnesses, its conveyors. Creativity lies in transposing this art into the modern age. The Hobo Coin embodies this desire. It captures a fragment of forgotten history and revives it through unique contemporary talent.”

Each entirely hand-engraved Hobo Coin will be a unique piece by definition. Aleksey Saburov has produced a number of original motifs for Corum, each of which will become the dial of a 43 mm timepiece powered by an in-house automatic mechanical movement. For the first time, this new “Coin” collection of unique pieces will be available on a denim strap. Its blue-grey tones are judiciously paired with the piece’s silver case and its blue sapphire crown. Almost 50 years after being the first brand in the world to turn the famous $20 US double eagle into a cult timepiece, Corum is boldly and unabashedly reviving the art of monetary watchmaking – impertinent, creative and unique.


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If time-honored traditions make you yawn, Corum has just the thing for you. An old friend of Corum, Matt Barnes is an American artist who isn’t exactly known for upholding aesthetic conventions. That’s just as well because neither is Corum. Together, they’ve devised the Bubble Clown, a piece created in the image of both the brand and the artist – two enfants terribles in their respective worlds of watchmaking and design.

BRAND AND THE ARTIST A transfigured clown stares out from the centre of the timepiece. He won’t be making children laugh or making adults young again – anything but. Matt Barnes has sought to make him disturbing, hypnotic, almost intrusive: the Bubble Clown fits into a collective unconsciousness, about as well as a bull in a china shop.

The Clown’s snarky smile, piercing stare, and rather disfigured look makes him anything but the stuff of dreams – nightmare fare more like. And yet you simply can’t take your eyes off him. Every detail on the whole is fascinating, and each is deliberately contradictory: a smile – but with razor-sharp teeth; an open yet threatening gaze; a clown costume that reveals innumerable tattoos; carnival make-up daubed over scars; and the traditional wig – styled into a Mohican. Every single distinctive clown feature has been hijacked. The overall effect doesn’t exactly invite itself onto the wrist – it’s more a case of it latching on there in a display of power, consistency, and singularity.

The mechanical cladding for Matt Barnes’ Clown is pretty off-the-wall, too. The timepiece lacks hands; instead, hours and minutes are displayed by means of two red circles on the flange. In addition, the Bubble Clown is 52 millimeters wide, offering the Clown a creative expanse whose breadth is unprecedented in watchmaking. The Clown’s round face fits perfectly into the Bubble’s curved shape, with the magnifying effect of the convex sapphire crystal further accentuating his facial features.


“This is our second collaboration with Matt Barnes – his quirky universe is a perfect match for our niche in watchmaking,” concludes Corum CEO Jérôme Biard. “This limited edition makes full use of the creative freedom we allow in our Bubble timepieces. Today, Corum is proud to be serving as a focal point for Matt and other twenty-first century talents – as well as for the collectors who follow them with admirable loyalty.”

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The King of Pop Art Nelson De La Nuez is thrilled to present his collection of three Bubble timepieces. Special launch events featuring the timepieces and the original paintings with personal appearances by the artist will be organized in major US cities in 2018.

BUBBLE TIMEPIECES Following the success of her Mona Lisa, Elisabetta Fantone will be launching her new Bubble Dali at Art Basel Miami during which an exclusive event will be held at the Hotel National on Wednesday 6th December from 7pm. During the Art show, she will also be taking over the National Hotel lighting up the hotel’s facade, exhibiting throughout the hotel her art pieces and designing a Corum suite.

By breaking with the codes of luxury watchmaking, Corum has made Bubble a unique model that has become a legend since the very first edition in the 2000s. The brand has teamed up with a number of artists and given them carte blanche to reinterpret the piece and create their very own edition.

Acknowledged both for the aesthetic appeal of its models and for its technical excellence, Corum is proud to contribute to perpetuating the time-honored values and expertise of Fine Watchmaking.

Since 1955, Corum has adopted creativity and boldness as its guiding principles. It is pursuing the path traced by the founders, more loyal than ever to the iconic collections, while enriching them with a powerful modern touch bearing the hallmark of innovation and technical breakthroughs.

The continuity and the longevity of its collections are not mere words at Corum: the Admiral has been sailing the oceans for 50 years, while the Bridges collection has been making its mark on watchmaking history for over 30 years. History is definitely in the making at Corum.

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Rapper Booba received the one-of-a-kind model specially designed by Corum with a thousand diamonds, it was made to be as brilliant as its new owner. This Bubble engraved D.U.C just sealed the partnership deal – a product of the artist’s true love for Corum’s exquisitely unique pieces and craftsmanship.Booba raps a lot about watches and diamonds, so it’s no big surprise his lyrics are on this custom-made watch. As loyal as ever, Corum followed him past the point of no return… Fist raised high, now Booba’s wrist is adorned with 1,017 diamonds and 12 baguette cut sapphires. Diamonds set on gold and a case that houses the famous CO 055 skeleton movement, the watch is enhanced by the sublimely unique box.

BAGUETTE CUT SAPPHIRES Booba is one of the most important figures in the history of French rap. Known for his talent for word play and flows, he’s been at the top of the charts since his first days of fame with the band Lunatic. As a successful entrepreneur, he also started his own music label, clothing line, brand of whisky and media network with a website and radio/TV stations.

Since Booba rose to fame in the 1990s, he’s sold over one million albums, has eight gold records, two platinum records, and three double platinum records. His writing style, creative grammar and syntax have earned him a spot in French literary magazine, The New French Review, making him the new Céline. His unmatched rapping style and musical talent has made him an artist like no other.

The Corum Bubble 47 Jewelry Squelette has a bracelet made of 18 carat white gold with 796 Round diamonds of 24.66 carat. The watch has a triple folding clasp and is a unique piece with a manual winding system. The features of this watch include hours and minutes as well as a 40-hour power reserve. The watch dial too is made from 18 carat gold and is embedded with 131 round diamonds 2.25 carats and 12 baguette blue sapphires 3.60 carats. The watch diameter measures 47 mm and the case is studded with 90 diamonds of 4.08 carats. A domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment covers the watch face while an open back cover in white gold with glare proof sapphire crystal covers the back. The watch is water-resistant to 50 meters.

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Corum has introduced a timepiece to the Heritage Collection named after a rare and precious plant – Diphylleia – also known as Skeleton flower. Corum’s jewelled timepiece features a diaphanous bloom, decorated by hand and embraced by a lustrous ring of mother-of-pearl. This beautiful adornment features a mechanically wound movement in a round case 34 mm in diameter, encircled with a scintillating row of 22 diamonds. Available in two versions: 18-karat rose or 18-karat white gold, in limited productions of eight and eighteen pieces, respectively.

DIAPHANOUS BLOOMCorum’s Heritage collection exemplifies audacious yet timeless creativity founded on the technical and aesthetic expertise of this distinguished watch house for over half a century. These new feminine jewels highlight this exceptional craftsmanship, entwining premium watchmaking, artistry and precious jewelry. Christened Diphylleia, the Heritage jewelry creations unite the ethereal grace of an exquisitely skeletonized movement and the everlasting brilliance of gold and diamonds.

Its petals are as transparent and clear as crystal. With the kiss of a raindrop or gentle dew of the morning, the immaculate white flower transforms into a translucent veil, revealing the intricate pattern of the delicate petals and accentuated by the golden stamen shining upon them. Reflecting this one-of-a-kind crystalline plant, the Corum Heritage Diphylleia features a ghostly bloom that reveals beguiling curves of its skeletonized heart. With a lace-like elegance, the openwork mechanism blossoms within the contours of a gold case, embellished with mother of pearl and radiant diamonds.

Delicately cut out and engraved with a floral motif, the plate and bridges of the CO055 caliber demonstrate the craftsmanship of skeleton work mastered to perfection. Its shimmering elegance echoes the celebrated painting “Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I” by Gustav Klimt, mixing oil painting with gold leaf, hallmarked with the key shape of Corum’s logo as the masterpiece’s signature.

Crafted in 18-karat rose gold or white gold, the two models of Heritage Diphylleia have been produced with eight and eighteen pieces available, respectively. Their graceful outlines are housed in a round case measuring 34 mm in diameter and encircled by a mother-of-pearl bezel and crowned with 22 prominent diamonds, totaling 5.30 carats. Water resistant to ten meters, the golden case features a transparent view from the front and back, revealing the slender architecture of the manually wound COO55 skeleton caliber. Equipped with a 40-hour power reserve, this mechanical movement, completely hand-decorated, provides hour and minute functions, punctuated by the delicate and varnished leaf hands. Each style features the stunning centerpiece on an elegant strap in grey or white alligator leather with an 18-karat gold buckle allowing these delicate jeweled timekeepers to gently embrace the wrist with an aura of femininity.

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