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Sporting look


Eberhard & Co continues to surprise with their new outsize mechanical chronograph, the Chrono 4 Grande Taille, building further on the innovative Chrono 4’s new interpretation of reading time. This extra special timepiece comes is a limited edition of 600 units. The watch features a black stainless steel case and black rubber strap, which gives it a decidedly sporting look, emblazoned as it is with E in relief on the side – the emblem of the Maison.

The generously dimensioned watch case measuring 43mm in diameter conceals a mechanical movement with automatic winding. Like all the other Chrono4 models by Eberhard & Co. it is characterized by an exclusive feature: its four counters are arranged in a horizontal row, which makes reading the time a logical and consequent operation. The display follows a natural progression of time: minutes and hours hand, 24 hours and small seconds hand.

Chrono-4-Grande-Taille2The Chrono 4 Grande Taille also uses rubber in the crown with an “E” in relief, standing for Eberhard, but also in the push buttons where the material adorns the circumference. The watch is protected by a non-reflecting sapphire glass, and it is water-resistant up to 50 meters. The stainless steel variant is available with a black rubber strap featuring as a special adornment an “E“ in relief on the side, the well-known emblem of the Maison.

Eberhard & Co. was founded in 1887 in Chaux-de-Fonds, in the Swiss Jura. In 2012, Eberhard & Co. celebrated 125 years of history, confirming its natural propensity towards development and growth, while retaining its personality and strong spirit of independence and without forgoing the close link with its origins and tradition. Eberhard & Co produces around 16,000 timepieces a year, with objectives of weighted yet constant growth, and is present in about 25 countries, from Europe to the United States, from the Far East to the Middle East. The history of Eberhard & Co. is an ongoing succession of unforgettable creations, from the Chrono 4 to the 8 JOURS, from the Tazio Nuvolari collection to the Extra-fort model, from the women’s collection Gilda, right down to the very latest products: the Tazio Nuvolari 336 and Desk-Clock, the Contograf Special Edition and Gilda in two precious new models.

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Holiday gift


This limited edition from Eberhard & Co. offers eight days of power reserve and is a recreation of the iconic 8 Jours Grande Taille, that will make for the ideal holiday gift over the festive season. Although preserving the same basic dial layout with seconds sub-dial at 6 o’clock and the power reserve indicator at 9 o’clock, the watch is substantially larger in heft to accommodate the power reserve and achieve an overall more modern and stylish appearance in keeping with the times.

The watch is powered by the reworked ETA Peseux 7001 hand-wound movement, squeezes in an add-on module that adds a power reserve functionality and provide some living space for the second spring barrel that houses a spring 125 centimeters (almost 50 inches!) in length.

8-Jours-Grande-Taille_3The Eberhard 8 Jours Grande Taille, comes packed in an elegant 41 mm case, which is made either of 18-carat rose gold or surgical-grade stainless steel and features a cut-out on its solid case back cover to provide a view of its nicely decorated mainspring barrel with a figure 8-shaped bridge.

Sporting rather short lugs and a very compact setting / winding crown the time measuring device will probably feel very comfortable on a normally-sized wrist.  The timepiece is available in two dial versions, the first featuring Arabic numerals and the second, which is just a trifle dressier, coming with Roman numerals.

Eberhard & Co. watches boast over a century of research and passion. Since 1887 the Swiss brand has been synonymous with excellence and innovation, which are represented in precious timepieces with high technical content that have marked important stages: the pocket chronograph, the first wrist chronograph, right up to dual time watches. Their creations stand out for the quality and style that express the values of the great Swiss tradition.

Holiday gift

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It was the year 1887 when Georges-Lucien Eberhard, a young watchmaker with great ambitions, opened his first workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds, which was already, just as it is today, the heart of Swiss watchmaking. In 2018, the brand marks a return to its roots at its historic premises. Passion, intuition and determination were the qualities which allowed him, in a very short time, to create one of the country’s major manufactures and to build one of the most stunning palaces in the city to house it, worthy of the name which was contributing to shape the history of the watch industry.

It has been a long time since, but the generations of entrepreneurs who have successively taken up leadership of Eberhard & Co. have remained faithful to the example of Georges-Lucien, allowing the name Eberhard to grow internationally, thanks in no small part to several inventions which represent a series of genuine milestones in watchmaking.

400 (1)Barbara Monti, the company’s current CEO, wanted this year to achieve one of the main goals that she had set herself when she took over the reins of Eberhard: to return the company to the historic premises built by its founder, the Maison de l’Aigle. Everyone in La Chaux knows the building, which covers the large part of a block on Avenue Léopold-Robert, not only because of its grandeur and the fact that it is among the city’s industrial buildings listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site, but also thanks to the eagle placed by Georges-Lucien on top of its dome, its outstretched wings symbolizing the strong will to fly towards new conquests.

There have indeed been many achievements in those 131 years of history. It is impossible to mention them all, but suffice to say that Eberhard created its first wrist chronograph in 1919, the forerunner of countless collections of timepieces, most often of a sporting nature, always technically innovative, often revolutionary such as the Chrono 4, the first chronograph equipped with four aligned counters, which made history at the time of its launch and, still today, remains one of a kind.

This great consistency, combined with an untamed spirit of independence, is the key to understanding today’s move. This is not merely a change of headquarters, but the expression of Eberhard’s determination to enter a new phase and strengthen its principles of respect for both tradition and the spirit of innovation, while, at the same time, cementing the heritage of the brand.

As a statement for this stylish comeback, the historic eagle will be restored, putting right the effects of more than a century of weather: Eberhard & Co. will contribute to return one of the city’s true icons to its citizens in all its splendor, celebrating a strongly desired and meaningful comeback. 2019 is the year in which Eberhard will rise with a new and at the same time historic identity, supported by a series of projects which will be a source of pride and emblematic of the many decades of dedication to the Art of Challenging Time.

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Wopart_1-1050x550 (1)


Luxury Swiss watchmaker Eberhard & Co. supports Wopart – Works on Paper Art Fair in Lugano. To mark the third anniversary of the Lugano event will provide the setting for the presentation of a work dedicated to the Eberhard brand by maestro Mario Cresci. The growing number of cultural and artistic initiatives in Lugano is aimed at developing what is already a favorite Swiss and international tourist destination.

This year, many events are being held, with one of the most eagerly awaited being the third anniversary of Wopart, which will begin with an opening ceremony on 20 September. The works on paper exhibition, established in 2016, has undergone development that has led to a double-digit growth, both in terms of the increase in the number of international exhibitors and the attendance of visitors.

Tempo-in-movimento-Mario-Cresci-for-Eberhard-Co-1 (1)Numerous factors have contributed to this rapid expansion: the quality of the works, the expertise of the organizers and the firm backing of the local government have all helped make Wopart among one of the most significant international events in the “works-on-paper” category. It is also thanks to the considerable turnover the exhibitionists have built up through the participation of prominent international collectors.

Eberhard & Co. is one of the sponsors of the event, following a trend that is increasingly leading the brand to support art events marked by a common denominator: the goal of spreading interest among an even wider, younger audience. In conjunction with its Lugano watchmaking partner Mersmann, Eberhard has provided a lounge at the Wopart event. Here, visitors have a chance to discover the history of the Swiss brand’s horological creations.

The models on display retrace the most significant stages in the long history of Eberhard: beginning with an 1894 pocket model, we arrive at the first wristwatch introduced in 1919, moving on to an example of the legendary Extra-fort collection manufactured in the early forties, and finally one of the famous Scafograf diving watches that typified production in the sixties.

Among the contemporary models, presented to the Swiss public for the first time, include the new Scafograf “The Black Sheep”, an all-black version of the well-known GMT model. Wopart visitors will also be the first to have the opportunity to admire a photographic work conceived and realized for Eberhard & Co. by the great master Mario Cresci, whose inspirational purpose is captured in the title “Tempo e Movimento” [Time and Motion].

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After the success of the Scafograf 300, first presented in 2016 and winner of the ‘Sports Watch Prize’ at the prestigious Geneva Grand Prix d’Horlogerie, followed by last year’s GMT version, Eberhard & Co. has chosen to make the ‘Scafograf’ even more captivating and exclusive with a special limited edition, the name of which conveys all the eccentric spirit of the new model:  The Black Sheep.

Dedicated to the gentleman who loves to express his personality and remain ever-faithful to his values, with all the determination of one who knows they are different by nature and shares that pinch of irreverence which is the key to their charm. When being a ‘black sheep’ means having tons of charisma and personality.

davThe Scafograf Black Sheep will be made in 500 totally-black-look specimens animated by an automatic movement with a triple time zone function. Black dominates, starting from the 43mm steel case with its DLC® treatment, which provides this model with a decidedly sporting allure.

The dial and two-way rotating bezel with ceramic insert and luminescent indices are also in black. The screwed case back is uniquely customized, featuring a stylized hemisphere with time zones and the engraved name of the model. The orange of the GMT hand and GMT lettering stand out proudly against the dial.

100 meters water resistance, the Scafograf Black Sheep comes with a rubber integrated strap, in black, of course, personalized with the ‘E’ coat of arms, the emblem of the Maison. The watch is also available with Chassis® steel bracelet which is DLC®-treated. The watch features a caliber EB.ETA 2893 movement with soigné finishing and is automatic winding with a date window at 3 o’clock, central seconds hand and a GMT hand.

The thickness of the case is11.80 mm and the case back in steel, is screwed, with a personalized and engraved hemisphere with time zones and the name of the model. The watch bezel in steel is DLC®-treated, with a bi-directional, rotating black ceramic insert with luminescent mark at 12 o’clock.  The watch is water-resistant to 100 meters.

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There are some people in the history of sport that cannot be defined merely as ‘champions’. When they exceed the limits set by their time and enter the superhuman ‘Hall of Fame’ of those who have broken all barriers by crossing the line of the inconceivable, it is then that they undergo the natural progression that turns them into legends. Tazio Nuvolari, the champion driver who dominated the decades between 1920 and the late forties, is quite obviously such a sportsman. When, almost 30 years ago, Eberhard & Co. decided to celebrate his enterprise by creating a collection that bears his name, the figure of Tazio had become shrouded by the mists of time and all that had happened in the world of motoring since his era. It is also because of the efforts of the famous Swiss Maison and the success of the ‘Tazio Nuvolari’ collection that this mist has lifted.

In the past few decades, the impetuous, at times overbearing personality of a man who made his passion for sport a reason for living, placing it above all else, even above himself and those closest to him, has been brought to light. His story has inspired a great number of initiatives; books have been written, songs have been dedicated to him, and the great old-timers event that bears his name brings hundreds of fans from all over the world to his homeland every year. All this has ensured that the fame he deserves that of being the greatest racing driver ever, lives on today.

NUVOLARI-LEGEND_31138_43_CA_CMYKEberhard & Co. has been the main sponsor of the Nuvolari Grand Prix for over twenty years. In this role and through the many models of watches he has inspired, the Maison has helped enormously in paying tribute to the ‘Mantovano Volante’, proudly aware of the fact that the champion of technical perfectionism chose an Eberhard to accompany him in everyday life.

The Tazio Nuvolari collection mainly consists of sports watches, and many versions have been added to it over the years. Some of these have been inspired by great victories or enterprises realized by the champion. The latest, Nuvolari Legend, seeks to celebrate the essence of the man and of the sportsman, consecrating him among those who will never be forgotten. Nuvolari Legend is an automatic timepiece with a steel case, available in two sizes: 39.5 mm and 43 mm in the Grande Taille version. The model is water resistant down to a depth of 30meters and features a black dial with luminescent Arabic numerals, a minute’s counter at 12 o’clock, a hours counter at 6 o’clock and a spiral tachometer scale in km/hr in the center.

The movement can be admired through the transparent sapphire crystal base, which is secured by eight screws, decorated with a ‘chessboard’ image designed to look like the race-start flag, and customized with the historic stylized Alfa Romeo Type 12C in which the great driver obtained many victories. The ‘vintage’ look of the new timepiece is enhanced by the matching antiqued leather strap. This model is also available with a steel Charm bracelet.


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Mysterious depths


For the presentation of one of its latest creations, Eberhard & Co. takes a walk down memory lane. It was the 1950s when the Swiss watchmaker, always inclined towards technical research and innovation, decided to take on a challenge that has, fascinated men – the sea and its mysterious depths. These were the years in which one of Hemingway’s greatest works was published – “The old man and the sea” – which dealt with subjects such as courage and man’s tenacity in the face of nature – the vast blue expanse, to be exact – and his merging with it.

These were the years in which Eberhard & Co. presented its Scafograf collection, designed to be worn by the adventurous and sporty with a dynamic spirit and love of life. Enriched over the years, the luxury collection was made up of steel models which were water-resistant to 100, 200, 300, 400, 750 or 1000 meters, with or without a rotating bezel and luminescent hour markers.

Mysterious depthsThe SCAFOGRAF 300 incorporated all the main features required of a dive watch: automatic with a sturdy, shock resistant steel case, a graduated black bezel to control elapsed dive time, a high-contrast dial with luminescent hands and markers and a stainless steel expandable bracelet; everything that intrepid divers and water-sports aficionados would need in the enthralling depths. The date at 3 o’clock – unusual for a dive watch – and the look of this model made it agreeably suitable for every day wear.

The 300 in the name of this watch indicated the depth to which it was water-resistant. Eberhard & Co. now presents a new edition of this model, reinterpreted in a contemporary way. The new SCAFOGRAF 300 is a mechanical, self-winding diving watch, with a 43 mm steel case, an unidirectional rotating bezel in ceramic, with luminescent markings on the first 15 minutes scale, curved sapphire glass and a helium escape valve at 9 o’clock.

The “galbé” black dial has luminescent applied indices and the date at 3 o’clock. The name of the model, the central seconds hand and the dots can be white, light blue or yellow. The hours and minutes hands are also luminescent. Water-resistant to 300 meters, the new SCAFOGRAF 300 has a screwed case-back personalized with an engraved starfish. The model comes with an integrated black rubber strap. The clean and precise lines of the SCAFOGRAF 300 are also well suited to a more casual-chic use out of the water.


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Silver Gilda – yes you heard it right – after various iterations including gold and diamond-studded timepieces, Maison Eberhard & Co. has introduced the new quintessential watch featuring soft, elegant curves and a new silver effect strap which is perfect for parties and all those special occasions when a woman wants to be admired and stand out from the crowd.

Gilda is offered today with a new gleaming silver colored leather strap, featuring a special finishing with an attractive weave. Making it even more feminine and special is its “oversize” length, which delicately encircles the wrist, skillfully melding aesthetics and design. The strap is fastened as always with the iconic buckle featuring the personalized “E”.

Gilda has an oval, stainless steel case with clean-cut minimalist lines. The new strap perfectly matches the case which has a white dial in mother-of-pearl, displaying roman numerals which are either plain or set in diamonds.

Powered by a quartz movement and protected by a patented spherical and domed sapphire glass with an anti-reflective treatment, Gilda’s back is engraved with a twisted floral motif and secured by 4 concealed screws.

This new watch strap, which can be matched with a range of dials from the Gilda Collection, is now available upon request. Gilda by Eberhard & Co. – you will marvel at all the subtleties.

Eberhard & Co. watches boast over a century of research and passion. Since 1887 the Swiss brand has been synonymous with excellence and innovation, which are represented in precious timepieces with high technical content that have marked important stages: the pocket chronograph, the first wrist chronograph, right up to dual time watches. Creations that stand out for their quality and style and that express the values of great Swiss tradition.

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To mark its 130th anniversary (1887 to 2017), Swiss watchmaker Eberhard & Co. celebrates and immortalizes the values and creations of the brand with the launch of the Chrono 4 130. Since the company was founded by Georges-Lucien Eberhard in La Chaux-de-Fonds – these values of craftsmanship, precision and mechanical expertise have made up the DNA of the Swiss brand whose name has become synonymous with tradition, constant research and innovation.

MECHANICAL EXPERTISE The Chrono 4 130 features a new 42 mm diameter case framed by a bezel with circular satin finish; the crown, personalized with the number “130”, is positioned between the two drop-shaped chronograph buttons. Three dial variants are available:

There are three dial versions available including grey with 4 grey counters with azure finishing and details in orange, argenté with 4 black counters with azurée finishing and details in blue and black with 4 black counters with azurée finishing and details in orange.

In all versions, the central soleil part of the dial is delimited by a diamantage-finished circle, while luminescent indices are applied on the outer azurée zone. Waterproof to 50 m, the case-back of the Chrono 4 130 is secured by 8 screws and features a central medallion in bas-relief with sandblast finish, personalized with the CHRONO 4 130 logo, where the 4 is raised. The model comes with a grey-black carbon strap.

Consisting of 130 pieces to celebrate the anniversary of the Maison, the Chrono 4 is also available as a limited edition. The steel case has the same dimensions as the standard edition but it houses a skeleton dial, argenté or black, which reveals the main plate and the wheels with DLC® finishing, protected by an upper bridge in a special sapphire glass that is 3 tenths of a millimeter thick, an element of highly complex construction.

A rhodium plaque, secured to the main plate by two screws, shows the name of the model and the historic trademark of Eberhard & Co., as used for the first wrist chronograph in 1919. The sapphire glass case-back provides a view of the circular oscillating weight, finished with Côtes de Genève and customized with the number 130. This edition also comes with a grey-black carbon strap.

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Swiss watchmaker Eberhard & Co. presents the dazzlingly opulent new Gilda, resplendent in a swathe of diamonds and gold. This glittering beauty is a new addition to the famed Gilda collection and comes in a special limited edition that is available to select customers by order only. This diamond-clad golden beauty exudes a sensuous feminine charm like some of its predecessors and its stunning good looks and sensual lines envelop the very best of watchmaking design and craftsmanship from this Swiss Maison.

Irresistibly graceful in look and feel, the new Gilda captivates in a cascade of gold and diamonds, designed to make the wearer look truly resplendent. What sets this apart as a truly outstanding creation is the custom made bracelet embellished with 480 brilliant diamonds of more than 8 carats that embrace the wrist and add further luster to Gilda’s elegant, flowing lines. Every bracelet, which is tailor-made, becomes unique. The ultimate in femininity for ladies with taste – this is a classic watch for special events.

The Gilda has a quartz movement, protected by sapphire glass with a patented spherical dome and antireflective treatment and the polished back is secured with 4 concealed screws and features an engraved floral motif. The unique case measures 32.10 mm x 38 mm and the watch is water resistant to 50 meters. The watch case is made from red gold and the bezel is set with 66 diamonds (0.858 ct.).

Eberhard & Co. is a Swiss luxury watch company, founded in 1887 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Neuchatel, Switzerland by Swiss watchmaker Georges Eberhard. The brand has been synonymous with excellence and innovation, which are represented in precious timepieces with high technical content that have marked important stages: the pocket chronograph, the first wrist chronograph, right up to dual time watches. Eberhard & Co. creations stand out for their quality and style and express the values of great Swiss tradition.

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