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Butterfly Collection


Luxury Swiss brand Artya’s – Son of Earth Butterfly Collection brings a fresh color to its traditional cases with three new shades chocolate butterfly delicacy, black butterfly pasionaria and butterfly blue lagoon.

Artya’s dial artist Dominique Arpa-Cirpka offers a new creative take each time; for these magnificent cases, the result is a high-flying artistic composition featuring a kaleidoscope of butterfly wing fragments. These miniature works of art draw your gaze into a dream world in which beauty reigns supreme. These watches don’t simply reproduce the design, style and color of a butterfly but also incorporate genuine butterfly wings within the dial. The watches are unique, tailor-made watches that are both creative and extraordinary in the field of watchmaking.

BUTTERFLY-COLLECTION3BUTTERFLY-COLLECTION2The subtle butterfly wings from the Lepidoptera family are also enhanced with gold leaf. The blend of green, orange and black hues amid the gold leaf creates a unique color balance; the interplay of the matching shades makes it look as if the gold is actually part of the wings themselves. Each tone naturally finds its place, the very particular texture of the butterfly wings reflecting light in an ever-changing way varying with the place, the atmosphere and the time of day.

Artya really has outdone itself with the butterfly collection, creating a living watch, alive with perpetual movement. The wearer sports a timepiece that will remain discreet when concealed by a sleeve but which comes to life when the butterfly timepiece is exposed to the light, displaying all-new reflections each time.

Truthful to its desire to create unique pieces, Artya offers its customers customized cases and hands. This timepiece has a set of hands decorated with a large A floating above the butterfly dial. The case is a traditional round Classic shape and the watches will be available in several sizes from 38mm to 47mm.

The timepiece uses a Swiss made three-hand automatic caliber and is set on a black leather strap featuring black hand-sewn top-stitching. This finish creates a discreet, authentic effect to underscore the natural beauty of the butterfly wings displayed on the dial.

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iconic signature


The Vintage 1945 Lady from Girard-Perregaux is one of the luxury Swiss watchmaker’s most iconic signature timepieces that confidently assume the collection’s identity codes to reveal its feminine side. Dressed in steel delicately hemmed with two rows of diamonds, the watch harmonizes the straight lines and curves inherited from the aesthetic of the early twentieth century. The Art Deco inspiration infused into every last detail of its lines seems to come straight out of the present time.

The profile of the case here takes on a sensual allure. The perfectly integrated crown withdraws to allow the watch’s profile to shine. The hours spread out over a fine expressive canvas, while the watch curls ergonomically around the wrist.

iconic signatureThe dial exhibits judicious restraint notwithstanding the curve, which follows the outline of the case. Sober and sophisticated, dauphine hands sweep the central rectangular rail track, which is meticulously curved by hand to stroke the swell of the dial.

The figure 12 is majestically enthroned above the discreet date at 6 o’clock. At 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock, two diamond hour markers balance the composition. The Vintage 1945 Lady comes in two dial versions silvered or anthracite and both are offered with black or white alligator strap.

The manufacture caliber GP02700 reveals its flawless mechanism through the sapphire back. Entirely designed in-house at the manufacture, it is the brand’s smallest self-winding caliber, specially designed to drive ladies’ watches and respond to our female clientele’s interest in mechanical timepieces. Latest in line of the manufacture’s self-winding mechanical calibers, the GP02700 has a compact and sophisticated construction. With its 19.40 mm diameter, it is a perfect fit for luxury ladies watches.

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moonphase watch


Uber luxury Swiss watchmaker Louis Moinet presents a stellar surprise that’s literally out of this world, with their Stardance moonphase watch. This shining example of Louis Moinet’s creativity, boasts of a moon that is made of a piece of a meteorite that originated from the orbit of Mercury making it a truly unique gift for Valentine’s Day.

The Stardance is unique through and through, with a Moon made from an authentic fragment of the Enstatite EH3 meteorite. Its brilliance is anything but incidental: it comes from Nano diamonds, formed by stellar collisions that most probably took place before our solar system was formed. The Stardance dates – literally – from the dawn of time.

When Louis Moinet designed the Stardance, the goal was to produce something beautiful, genuine and authentic – as well as unique and lyrical. These lofty aspirations had to be confined within a diameter of just 36 mm.

The lunar disc is housed behind an aventurine window, delicately etched out in the form of a cloud. Opposite this opening at 12 o’clock is a second’s disc at 6 o’clock in the form of a sun, lighting up a dial featuring the Cotes du Jura pattern, also unique to Louis Moinet. This dazzling pattern nestles beneath a diamond-studded bezel, to which a jewelled case adds the finishing touch.

The Enstatite EH3 meteorite has its origins in the orbit around Mercury, the smallest planet in our solar system. Estimated to have formed 4.5 billion years ago as a result of cosmic collisions pre-dating the formation of the current solar system, the meteorite reached earth after travelling millions of kilometers.

The watch features a mother-of-pearl dial and presents the twin universes of day (sun) and night (moon). Night is evoked by the dazzling moon phase indicator at 12 o’clock, created from a finely-crafted fragment of the rare Enstatite EH3 meteorite containing interstellar diamonds. Daytime is represented by the silvered sun-shaped small seconds at 6 o’clock.

It is not only the nano-diamonds of the meteorite moon phase that dazzle – the white ceramic bezel is distinguished by an inner ring of 54 VVS Top Wesselton diamonds interspersed with 6 cabochon-cut sapphires.  The watch case is made of high-tech, grade five polished titanium, the lightness of which makes for a timepiece that is extremely comfortable to wear. Turning over the Stardance, the beautifully finished automatic movement is revealed through the display case back.

The design of the automatic winding rotor provides a stylish continuation of the day-night theme: The central disc is decorated with a new moon surrounded by the golden rays of the sun adorning the rotor. The watch is fitted with a white alligator leather strap with a distinctive glazed finish thanks to a special white/metal pigment treatment.