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Following on from SpaceWalker, the satellite tourbillon dedicated to Alexey Leonov’s 1965 space mission, Louis Moinet is now unveiling a second creation commemorating the great Russian cosmonaut’s 1975 Apollo-Soyuz adventure – the first joint space mission between the Soviet Union and the United States of America. Soyuz 19 was launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome, and Apollo from Cape Canaveral, Florida, before the two met up for mankind’s first ever rendezvous in space.

The event stands out as an oddity for historians and space buffs alike. Apollo and Soyuz were space travel codenames in the USA and the former USSR respectively – and in 1975, the world was in the throes of the Cold War. The two superpowers were opposed in every way, not least in a frenetic space race. How could the two self-declared enemies establish an alliance at the heart of one of their arenas of conflict? Enter Alexey Leonov.

LM-SKYLINK-GOLDThe cosmonaut was to change the face of the world at 7.20pm on July 17, 1975. At that precise moment, both spaceships were docked in space; only the hatch of Soyuz 19 separated it from Apollo. In opening the hatchway, Alexey Leonov also opened up a new world of peace and cooperation; his first interstellar handshake with Commander Thomas Stafford was an unforgettable moment.

Today, Louis Moinet is proud to be celebrating this achievement in the conquest of space – and, more importantly, in human relations – with a timepiece called Skylink, recalling the link that was quietly forged between two men, each representing their nations, in the depths of space.

The Skylink’s dial depicts this sidereal expanse. A graphic process that is exclusive to Louis Moinet allows the creation of colors reminiscent of a nebula – a collection of interstellar dust and gases of infinite hues. Two of Louis Moinet’s hallmark “dewdrop” hands glide over this composition.

The raised three-dimensional hour markers reaching out across this dial give the piece a real sense of depth – an architectural aspect that further enhances their very special finish. Their sides feature a diamond-cut, satin-finish section that reflects light deep, deep into the dial, setting the timepiece sparkling with life. The color contrast is enhanced by each hour marker being lacquer-coated. The seconds are marked off on their counter at 9 o’clock; subtle changes in its hue, from dark blue through to purple, can be seen as light strikes its fine metallized coating.

At 3 o’clock sits a special, exclusive Skylink feature: a micro capsule containing, for all eternity, a fragment of Kapton foil – the polyamide fabric which protected Apollo on its return to Earth on July 24, 1975 – together with fibers from the Russian Sokol-K spacesuit. Used for the first time on Soyuz 12 in 1973, the same model is still in use today. Louis Moinet’s capsule establishes a physical link connecting the adventure of 43 years ago, space itself, the astronomy from which watchmaking originally derived, and each of the owners of the watches in this unique collection.

This very limited edition of 19 white gold, 19 rose gold and 75 steel watches comes on a dark blue or black strap. The numbers are a tribute to 1975 – the year of the Apollo-Soyuz mission. The dial of each piece bears an authentic reproduction of Alexey Leonov’s signature.

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Classic Tourbillon Falcon


To celebrate the adventurous spirit of the people of the UAE, the unique desert lifestyle of the ancient tribes and its grand tradition of falconry, Ulysse Nardin have crafted the Classic Tourbillon Falcon in a limited edition of eight timepieces, which will be available over Eid. Ulysse Nardin’s master watchmakers have created this exquisite timepiece drawing deeply on the inspiration of the desert heritage of the region as well as the much-loved tradition of falconry that has been held dear by the people. The stoop and swoop of the peregrine falcon and its exhilarating speed and agility are much loved qualities that resonated through the ages and are intertwined as an integral aspect of the desert dweller’s lifestyle.

While the sport has drawn in both rulers and commoners, it was His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, founding Father and first President of the UAE, whose love for the falcon saw him pioneer initiatives to preserve the bird and the sport for posterity, by putting in place far-sighted initiatives to conserve and protect the unique bird, which has seen the sport continue to this day.

Equipped with the UN-178 Manufacture movement, the new Classic Tourbillon Falcon is adorned with a dial displaying a faithful reproduction of a falconry scene in the desert at sunrise. One can admire the quality of the details, produced by the dexterous hand of the master enameller.

Ulysse-Nardin_Falcon-timepiece_3Ulysse-Nardin_Falcon-timepiece_1The miniature scale and the repeated firing necessary to create the vitreous enamel highlights the superior talent of the masters, who spend more than 50 hours making the gold “cloisons” or compartments that comprise the dial’s design. The Classic Falcon Tourbillon provides a three-dimensional effect thanks to the thickness of the enamel layer. On the right, a man can be seen in a white dishdasha, the traditional Emirati clothing for men. On the left is a peregrine falcon, the national emblem of the United Arab Emirates. With wings spread in a strong, majestic pose, it is about to land on the welcoming arm of its master, who is looking in its direction.

The peregrine falcon is the fastest animal in the world; thanks to its keen eyes, it can dive on other birds with astounding speed and then seize them in the steel grip of its claws. An agile predator, the falcon quickly became a symbol of strength and courage, and in time even the national emblem of the UAE. Like the camel or Arabian horse, the falcon is fixed in the memories and hearts of the Arab people like never before.

All the expertise of traditional watchmaking is incorporated into this exceptional 44 mm timepiece, featuring cloisonné enamel, flying tourbillon, silicon escapement and a power reserve of over 7 days. Each watch of this 8-piece collection in white gold is unique and enameled by hand. Ulysse Nardin remains one of the few manufacturers to master the enameling technique in-house and one of the first to have contributed to the revival of the striking mechanism.

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precious guise


For the first time in its 40 year-history, here is a Nautilus totally clad in pink gold. After paving the way for luxury watches in steel, the watchmakers at Patek Philippe now lend themselves with the greatest of ease to a more precious guise in a version without complications.

precious guisePatek Philippe has refined the links in the metal bracelet for greater comfort and to reduce the weight, an important factor when working with gold. Complementing the warmth of the pink gold, Reference 5711/1R comes with a gradient dial in brown-black that also bears the characteristic horizontal stripes of the collection. The three-hand automatic movement is hallmarked with the Patek Philippe Seal and has the benefit of a Spiromax® silicon balance spring.

Powered by the 324SC calibre, 29 jewels, 28,000 vib/h automatic movement with up to 45-hour of reserve power, this watch is water-resistant to 120 metres. The dial which graduates from brown to black is an ideal foil to the applied gold hour-markers. While the 18k pink gold strap melds nicely with the pink gold safety folding clasp.

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sophisticated styling


As its very name suggests, the new Roadster Black Night from Wenger is a sinisterly attractive watch. With a choice of six different straps – from leather to steel through nylon – the sophisticated styling of this Swiss-made watch makes it the ideal partner for both sophisticated stylingwork and play.

Sporty and robust, this watch comes equipped with highly luminescent hour-markers and hands for perfect readability in even the darkest conditions. The detail that makes all the difference: the brand’s logo, also luminescent, sports the distinctive white cross on a red background in reference to this timepiece’s Swiss origins. Made to the high standards of the Swiss watch industry, this chronograph comes complete with an exceptional three-year warranty.

The watch case is made from 316 L stainless steel with black PVD treatment and the diameter measures 45 mm. the watch is water-resistant to 100 meters and has multiple straps including black leather with red top-stitching, vintage brown leather, black silicon, NATO, camouflage-pattern green nylon all with buckle, or steel with folding clasp.

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Following up on its aesthetic inspirations Armin Strom has come up with its fourth rendition, with the Tourbillon skeleton earth watch SKELETON EARTH WATCHwhich follows four illustrious timepieces – the one in natural steel with blue accents named Water, a second, in pink gold and brown tones, named Fire and the third in lighter titanium named Air.

The newest version in black PVD-treated steel is known as Earth. At the same time, Armin Strom demonstrates the skeleton work in which it excels. Thus the Tourbillon Skeleton Earth accentuates its structure through extensive craftsmanship of the ATC11-S caliber.

This exclusive in-house movement integrates a tourbillon regulator whose components are also skeletonized. The prowess lies in this mastery of technique, with a movement that delivers a full 10-day of power reserve.

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wearers imaginations


The latest pin‐ups to grace the Graham Chronofighter Vintage Nose Art Limited timepieces have spread their wings. They’ve moved on from the aviation origins of nose art to feel the rhythm of the inspiring sounds that captivated 1940s and 1950s dance floors. Four hand‐painted glamour girls grace the dials of four numbered limited editions, each one comprising 100 pieces. Without a second of hesitation they’ll whisk wearers imaginations off to times when Elvis was king and red lipstick ruled.

Belle speaks to today’s vinyl revival as she selects the discs that turned attention to freedom and emancipation after World War II. Linda has already hit the dance floor without any inhibitions about raised hemlines and eyebrows. Red guitar at hand, Lucia will strike a chord 2CVAS.B27A.L127Swith nostalgic souls happy to have a flamenco soundtrack for their reminiscing. Chloe masterfully combines Moulin Rouge with pretty in pink.

All Graham Vintage Nose Art Ltd timepieces are Swiss made. They are powered by an automatic chronograph G1747 movement with 48 hours of power reserve. The new quartet comprises hand‐sewn calf‐leather straps in blue, black and light or dark brown. Blue and grey dials provide the canvases for the exquisite and expressive “noise art”.

The artistic vintage historical timepieces inspired by Nose Art feature decorative painting on the nose, fuselage of military aircrafts starting in the 40s, sun-brushed vintage dials with painted pin-up girls named Belle, Lucia, Linda and Chloé. The watches have a 44 mm diameter and are automatic chronographs with a day-date, fast-action start/stop trigger and come fitted with hand-sewn calf leather straps. The watches feature a caliber G1747, automatic chronograph movement which is fitted with an Incabloc shock absorber.

Each watch has a 48-hour power reserve. The watch case is covered with a domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating and the case back also features a see-through sapphire crystal. The watches are water resistant to 100 meters and have dials in charcoal grey, blue or black sun-brushed with painted pin-up girls.

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glowing exterior


Blancpain’s Ladybird is a recreation of an old trend of tiny ladies’ watches in an ultra-thin up-to-date version. First unveiled in 1956, this watch was equipped at the time with the smallest round movement on the market. Sixty years later, its slim white gold case highlighted by diamonds underscores elegance and refinement. Beating secretly beneath the glowing exterior of the watch is a tiny automatic movement equipped with a silicon balance-spring – a mechanical feat that punctuates each passing moment with a blend of delicacy and precision.

On the dial graced with interweaving mother-of-pearl foliage, time glows with a luminous charm that captures the gaze. The watch bears a pleasant retro-chic look and gives a stylish new interpretation to the ladybird in a limited edition run of 60 pieces.

The watch has a mechanical automatic, is 3.9 mm thick and has a 40-hour power reserve. The case is made of18K white gold and is a miniscule 21.5 mm in diameter with 32 diamonds adorning the bezel.

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special edition


Luxury watchmaker Concord has launched a special edition Delirium Lady in tribute to the legendary collection that established Concord in the Swiss Watchmaking Industry with the creation of the thinnest watch in the world. Founded over a century ago, Concord has a proud history of ground-breaking innovations in watchmaking. This has included the supply of high quality watch movements to prestigious jewelry manufacturers as well as a reputation as an archetypal innovator in Clock design. Not the least of these achievements was the famous Concord Ring Clock presented by President Truman to the heads of state at the Potsdam Peace Conference, while, anticipating fashion becoming as important as function, the company designed the covered bracelet for women in the 1950s.

SPECIAL EDITIONIn 1979, when slimness became an important criterion, Concord introduced the world’s thinnest watch, evocatively named the Delirium. Measuring less than 2 mm thick in all, the slim quartz calendar timepiece with a center seconds hand went on sale immediately at Tiffany’s & Co in New York. This revolutionary model made news all over the world. That year’s Basel Fair showcased an entire Delirium collection encrusted with some 1,500 diamonds, followed some months later by an even thinner model of less than 1.50 mm. In 1980, the Concord Delirium IV created the next sensation by being the first wristwatch in history to break the 1 mm barrier, becoming a collector’s item of unique value.

A decade after the production of its most recent sibling, the 2016 Delirium Lady comes in glowing 18K rose gold, with or without 36 magnificent diamonds surrounding its classic rectangular case for a burst of additional sophistication.

A silver–toned dial with a choice of elegant painted Roman and contrasting gold baton hands is perfectly offset by a stylish black alligator strap. This iconic timepiece is powered by an ETA quartz caliber and is water-resistant to 30 m.

As an undisputed plus, the 2016 Concord Delirium Lady appears in a still dainty yet subtly sturdier 3.3 mm iteration that will reliably accompany women in whatever deliriously fun activities they may choose to

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Adding sparkle to summer, whether on the beach or on the town, the latest creations from luxury Swiss Maison Corum’s effervescent Bubble line are full of surprises. The women’s line is enhanced with mother-of-pearl, with the bold contemporary accent of Superluminova at the heart of the men’s line.

Created at the dawn of the third millennium in the year 2000, the Bubble line soared into the world of watchmaking like an UFO. Its unique appearance, resembling a saucer mounted on a sapphire dome, became indelibly ingrained in the collective unconscious. It boasted a disruptive design, which proved hugely successful and became a coveted watch for connoisseurs and collectors alike.

Tender pink, sky blue, iridescent white with flashy colors and a joyous spirit, these 42 mm diameter watches are sure to turn heads. These striking timepieces are fitted with an inner dial in summery fresh mother-of-pearl, with leaf-type hands exquisitely marking the time.

The 47 mm diameter of the Bubble men’s watch perfectly encapsulates the luminescent pulsations of Superluminova, a reflective material which is highly prized in watchmaking. A rebellious, exciting look in red and black, or a white model for a more tender effect, these iterations are sporty and water-resistant to 100 meters, and virtually unobtainable, with a limited series of only 88 individually numbered pieces.

This modern and sensual line created for trend-setting women and men is deeply ingrained with Swiss-made expertise. The Bubble’s arrival is as bracing as fresh sea air, accompanying every voluptuous moment, day or night.

Acknowledged both for the aesthetic appeal of its models and for its technical excellence, Corum is a brand that has preserved the time-honored values and expertise of fine watchmaking. Since 1955, Corum has adopted creativity and boldness as its guiding principles. It is pursuing the path traced by the founders, more loyal than ever to the iconic collections, while enriching them with a powerful modern touch bearing the hallmark of innovation and technical breakthroughs.

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Italo Fontana, creator of U-BOAT, has introduced the Chimera Net developed along the lines of the iconic Chimera B&B timepiece, the case features bezel and case band constructed of blackened steel, whereas the short lugs and case back are formed of naturally aged bronze.
Uboat 2

U-Boat’s Italian-designed oversized luxury timepieces for men are distinguished by their large crown wheel on the left-hand side of the watch. No matter what the collection, the rugged and masculine characteristics of the watch remain uniform and the look is distinctly retro.

The dial of the Chimera Net consists of three superimposed discs with the last layer made of a laser cut fine wire mesh in stainless steel which allows the movement to be half-seen.

Under the optic thick and flat sapphire glass on the back of the case, ready to be admired is the U-77 Valjoux Top Soignè automatic mechanical movement, modified and personalized to U-BOAT specifications.

The back of the case boasts a personalized 925 sterling silver rotor with subsequent coating of PVD opaque black with blue screws. The watch is available in a limited edition of 300 pieces.