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When it comes to creating a new watch, Oris’s engineers and designers share a common goal – to make a watch that makes sense. Every piece has to be superbly engineered and beautifully designed, too, but before anything else, Oris watches have to serve a purpose in the real world. It’s this philosophy that inspired the , a high-functioning wristwatch with a  24-hour second time zone.

This, however, is no ordinary second time zone watch – for two reasons. First, because it’s powered by an in-house Oris caliber. Caliber 114 is the fifth in a series of Oris calibers, all of which share a common base architecture that sees them deliver a 10-day power reserve and a non-linear power reserve indicator (an  Oris-patented device that means  the power remaining until the watch needs rewinding is shown in ever-greater detail as the hand moves around the subdial at 3 o’clock).

And second, Oris has engineered the 24-hour second time zone so it can be adjusted in half hours. Why? A curious number of states sit between time zones, on the half hour. States operating half-hour time zones, known as fractional time zones, include all or parts of Australia, Canada, India, Iran, Afghanistan, Burma and Sri Lanka. Oris has introduced the function to accommodate the needs of travellers to and from those countries. Caliber 114. A watch that gives you all the time in the world. All the time in the world Oris’s Caliber 114 has a 24-hour time zone that will take you to the ends of the Earth.

What does it mean to make your own movements? Or even matter? To the naked eye, perhaps not much. But when it comes to the heart and soul of a watch, and the story of the company behind it, it makes all the difference in the world. Oris was founded in 1904 and quickly expanded so that it was soon producing all manner of watch parts and even the machinery required to manufacture them. By 1979, the company had produced almost 270 different in-house calibers, consistently innovating and improving the quality and performance of its watches.

The Quartz Crisis of the 1970s and 1980s meant Oris had to put its manufacturing ambitions on hold. But in 2014, on the occasion of the company’s 110th anniversary, Oris announced that it had freed up its movement development program for the first time in 35 years. Back in the company’s Hölstein base,  a team of in-house engineers had been working for five years to deliver a movement that was worthy of the Oris name and heritage, and that would go down in history.

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Oris celebrates the power and performance of motor sport with the new TT1 Engine Date. The link between mechanical wristwatches and the automotive world goes back generations – now Oris is giving it fresh credence with the introduction of the striking sculpted TT 1 Engine Date, a watch inspired by motor sport.

The TT1 line of watches celebrates the connection Oris has enjoyed with motor sport for half a century, particularly with the Williams Formula 1 Team. The independent Swiss watch company and the legendary British team have been partners since 2003, making Oris Williams’s longest-serving sponsor. Oris’s first motor sport watch was the Chronoris of 1970, which also housed Oris’s first chronograph movement. In the years since, Oris has developed countless high-performance watches inspired by the speed, power, technology and innovation of motor sport.

01 733 7752 4124-07 8 24 08_sps.tifEchoing the lines of a Formula 1 car, the new model is a statement piece, defined by its dramatic architecture. The TT1 Engine Date’s 42mm stainless steel case is haunched and angular; the multi-layered dial is part skeletonized to reveal glimpses of the inner workings of the watch’s mechanical movement; and the crown and dial ring are grooved and fluted to reflect the precision, detail and finesse of motor sport engineering.

Oris’s designers have refined the design of the new TT1. Its case has been streamlined to sit more elegantly on the wrist, while the signature muscular lugs have been shortened so that both the pivoting stainless steel bracelet and black rubber strap fit more ergonomically around wrists of varying sizes. The dial is even more three-dimensional than in previous models, with a skeletonized date disc, faceted applied numerals and the fluted dial ring. The case and bracelet’s combination of brushed and polished elements complete the watch’s athletic form.

Inside the new TT1 is a mechanical movement that gives the watch a sweeping seconds hand and a date indication at 6 o’clock. The movement’s bridges have a smokey, anthracite finish that adds to the watch’s brooding, masculine feel and textured aesthetic. Both the seconds hand and the date indicator are colored in Williams blue to signify the relationship between the two companies.

The new Oris TT1 Engine Date is the latest expression of Oris’s deep passion for motor sport and a watch for a today’s style-conscious motor sport aficionado. The watch features an automatic movement Oris caliber 733, based on Sellita SW 200-1, with date at 6 o’clock. The watch is water resistant to 100 meters and features a double curved sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating inside. The watch dial is black skeleton with applied satin-finished nickel indices, polished nickel hour and minute hands filled with Super-LumiNova® and blue seconds hand with white Super-LumiNova® tip.

01 733 7752 4124-07 4 24 06FC_prs_01.tif

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Following on from the revival of the iconic Oris Big Crown Pointer Date comes a 36mm version of the watch cased in naturally ageing bronze. The Oris Big Crown Pointer Date comes in a vintage size and gives fresh expression to one of Oris’s most historically important watches. The stories of Oris and aviation are closely linked. Oris was founded in 1904 at the dawn of aviation, and made its first pilot’s pocket watch in the early 1910s. That was followed by the company’s first pilot’s wristwatch in 1917, a watch that featured an ingenious mechanism that meant the watch could only be adjusted when a button was pressed at 2 o’clock.

The same spirit of invention inspired the Oris Big Crown, which debuted in 1938. Its oversized crown meant gloved airmen could adjust their watches quickly and easily. Today, Oris’s pilot’s watch collection is full of innovative watches that are trusted by pilots all over the world.

01 754 7749 3167-07 5 17 66BR - Oris Big Crown Pointer DateThe Oris Big Crown Pointer Date – on which the new bronze model is based – is more than a landmark in the company’s archive of inventive, high-performance watches. In the 1980s, it marked a watershed moment for the company when it was reintroduced to spearhead Oris’s mission to champion the eternal value of mechanical watchmaking in the face of the quartz revolution.

With its smooth, round case and tapered lugs, coin-edged bezel, oversized crown, clear, functional dial, and central pointer hand indicating the date, it is one of Oris’s most recognised designs, and one of the most iconic pieces in all of watchmaking.

The new Oris Big Crown Pointer Date picks up on this story for a new generation of stylish, forward-thinking mechanical watch buyers. Oris’s designers have reworked the case to be slimmer, smoother and more seamless so that it slips elegantly onto the wrist. Much of this contemporary profile is delivered by the watch’s bubble-curved sapphire crystal, a feature that both enhances the watch’s vintage aesthetic and gives it its up-to-date feel.

Oris’s designers turned to bronze for its dynamic qualities. Over time, bronze develops a patina as it reacts with moisture in the air and with the PH levels of the wearer’s skin. Because of this, over time no two watches will look the same – each watch becomes as unique as its owner.

As well as its distinctive 36mm bronze case, the new model is distinguished by its light green dial inspired by a color keyboard in Le Corbusier’s Polychromie architecturale. This gives it an edgy, urban feel, in keeping with the ambitious women it’s aimed at.

In keeping with Oris’s philosophy to only make mechanical watches, the Big Crown Pointer Date is powered by a Swiss Made automatic movement. This powers rose gold-plated hour, minute, central seconds and pointer date hands, the latter indicating the date against a scale that runs around the edge of the dial. The warm, confident look is completed by a naturally tanned light brown leather strap. The Oris Big Crown Pointer Date tells the story of both Oris’s watchmaking heritage and its inventive approach to watchmaking.

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Oris revives one of its most historic complications, the mechanical alarm, for a new generation of watch lovers. Few watch complications communicate the passion of a luxury Swiss timepiece with the clarity of a mechanical alarm. Oris first made mechanical alarms in the 1940s, a tradition revived this year in the Big Crown ProPilot Alarm Limited Edition. The new watch is based on Oris’s Big Crown ProPilot, the independent Swiss company’s iconic pilot’s watch.

The stories of Oris and aviation are closely linked. Oris was founded in 1904 at the dawn of aviation, and made its first pilot’s pocket watch in the early 1910s. That was followed by the company’s first pilot’s wristwatch in 1917, a watch that featured an ingenious mechanism that meant the watch could only be adjusted when a button was pressed at 2 o’clock.

01 910 7745 4084-Set LS_sps.tif
01 910 7745 4084-Set LS_sps.tif

The same spirit of invention inspired the Oris Big Crown, which debuted in 1938. Its oversized crown meant gloved airmen could adjust their watches quickly and easily. Today, Oris’s pilot’s watch collection is full of innovative watches that are trusted by pilots all over the world.

The Big Crown ProPilot Alarm Limited Edition is the latest expression of Oris’s pilot’s watch tradition. The watch has two distinctive features. The first is its alarm, indicated by a central pointer hand with a bright yellow tip. The alarm can be set to the nearest 10 minutes against a scale that runs around the outside of an aperture in the middle of the dial. That aperture houses the watch’s second key feature, a circular date display. Underneath it is a rotating disc with a yellow date marker that makes a full tour of the dial once every 31 days. Both functions are powered by the watch’s Swiss Made automatic movement.

Aesthetically, the Big Crown ProPilot Alarm Limited Edition is based on the familiar design of the Big Crown ProPilot. In this case, the watch has two stainless steel oversized crowns, one to set the time (between 2 and 3 o’clock) and a second to set the alarm (between 3 and 4 o’clock). Both crowns are made of stainless steel and screw in to ensure the watch’s water resistance to 100 meters.

Otherwise, the watch retains the now instantly recognizable ProPilot look. Its signature bezel motif is inspired by jet engine turbine blades; the classic round stainless steel case and tapered lugs give the watch its stylish gait; and the fundamental dial design elements, such as the straight-edged hour and minute hands and large, luminescent Arabic numerals, remain clear and functional.

The watch’s case back is embossed with the Oris shield and engraved with a limited edition number – only 250 pieces will be made, making this a hugely collectible Oris watch. It comes on a dark brown croco leather strap with a stainless steel folding clasp. The Oris Big Crown ProPilot Alarm Limited Edition is a contemporary expression of the Oris legend that will go down in the company’s history.

01 910 7745 4084-Set LS - Oris Big Crown ProPilot Alarm Limited

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Oris introduces its second limited edition bronze watch in memory of the legacy of heroic US Navy Master Diver, Carl Brashear. This is easily one of the most coveted watches released by Oris. He was the most inspirational figures of the 20th century, defying racial tensions, disability and the weight of history to become the U.S. Navy’s first African American and first amputee Master Diver.

BRONZE WATCH His life was immortalized in the Hollywood film Men of Honor, Starring Oscar-winner Cuba Gooding Jr. as the heroic Carl Brashear and Master Chief Billy Sunday played by Robert De Niro. Oris is delighted to announce the second limited edition watch made in his memory, a bronze-cased, two-counter chronograph.

Like the first watch, a time-only piece, the Oris Carl Brashear Chronograph Limited Edition is based on the Oris Divers Sixty-Five and cast in bronze. Oris has chosen the material again to represent the early diving equipment Brashear used, which was also made of bronze. Like Brashear, bronze has a natural warmth, a quality that makes it an appealing material for use in watches. Bronze also ages over time, developing a natural patina that will make each watch bespoke to its wearer.

Carl Brashear was born in Kentucky, USA in 1931. He joined the U.S. Navy in 1948 as a 17-year-old, shortly after the U.S. Military desegregated, and quickly decided he wanted to become a deep-sea diver. He graduated from the Navy’s diving program in 1954, despite facing discrimination on account of his race.

In 1966, he lost the lower part of his left leg in an accident during a mission to salvage a hydrogen bomb. After an exhausting period of rehabilitation, he became the U.S. Navy’s first amputee diver in 1968, and then qualified as a Master Diver in 1970, the first African American to do so. The training for Master Diver certification involved completing a grueling assessment program, including dives to depths of 300 meters (1,000 feet) – in Brashear’s case, all with a prosthetic limb.

After a distinguished career in the U.S. Navy that lasted more than 30 years, Brashear retired in 1979. He died in 2006 aged 75. For such a special individual, Oris has created a special, individual watch. The Oris Carl Brashear Chronograph Limited Edition uses bronze for its case, bezel, crown and pushers, a highly unusual material in watchmaking.

This is only the second time Oris has used it for the case of a wristwatch – the only other time being for the first limited edition made in Carl Brashear’s name. Bronze ages over time, subject to atmospheric moisture and the pH levels in the wearer’s perspiration, meaning each of the 2,000 watches made will take on a unique look.


The new Oris Carl Brashear Chronograph Limited Edition commemorates Carl Brashear’s legendary achievements. The chronograph function remembers that he was repeatedly stopped in life – but always kept going. The watch has a stainless steel case back embossed with a diver’s helmet and Carl Brashear’s famous quote: “It’s not a sin to get knocked down, it’s a sin to stay down”.

Inside the watch is Oris Caliber 771, a special movement with a two-counter chronograph and a formidable 48-hour power reserve. It’s based on Sellita’s SW 510 and appears in the Oris collection for the first time. The dial’s balanced; symmetrical layout is known as bicompax and gives the watch its classic chronograph look, which is further enhanced by the absence of a date indicator.

The sub-dial at 3 o’clock is a 30-minute counter; the sub-dial at 9 o’clock a small seconds. The dial is blue, a handsome complement to the bronze case and a reminder of the deep water into which Brashear ventured so often and so bravely. The watch comes on a vintage brown leather strap. Oris Carl Brashear Chronograph Limited Edition has a 43.00 mm diameter and the production is limited to 2,000 pieces. The watch is water-resistant to 100 meters and features a diver’s uni-directional rotating bronze bezel with 60-minute timer and the zero marker is filled with Super-LumiNova®.


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Oris unveiled a new watch in its landmark Big Crown ProPilot Caliber 111 collection. The new piece has a shimmering blue dial, inspired by the intensity of a blue-sky day, and gives Oris’s innovative pilot’s watch deeper crossover appeal – this is a watch for both cockpit and cocktail.

SHIMMERING BLUE DIALSHIMMERING BLUE DIALWhile it has been conceived to be comfortable at a gala dinner, the new Oris Big Crown ProPilot Caliber 111 remains a high performance watch and one of the most technical pieces in Oris’s rich history of innovation. It’s powered by the groundbreaking hand-wound Caliber 111, the series-produced in-house-developed mechanical movement introduced by Oris.

Caliber 111 features a unique set of complications. Alongside its huge, single-barrel, 10-day power reserve, it also has an Oris patented non-linear power reserve indicator that shows the time remaining until the watch needs to be rewound with ever greater detail as the reserve runs down.

The watch also has a small seconds and a date window at 9 o’clock. Oris is the only watch company to combine these functions in a single Swiss Made mechanical wristwatch, testament to its continued commitment to pioneering useful innovations in beautifully designed and crafted watches.

Oris began making watches for pilots in the early 1910s, during the dawn of heavier-than-air flight. Its first pocket watch featured a case engraved with an image of Louis Blériot’s maiden voyage across the English Channel in 1909. By the late 1910s, Oris was making wristwatches for pilots. The first of these was celebrated with this year’s Big Crown 1917 Limited Edition.

In 1938, the company debuted the Big Crown, so named because of its oversized crown, introduced so that gloved airmen could adjust their watches during flight. Today, the Oris Aviation collection offers pilots a range of robust, legible, high-functioning wristwatches designed for the testing environment of an aircraft cockpit.

The Big Crown ProPilot Caliber 111 has a 44mm stainless steel case and the Big Crown ProPilot collection’s signature bezel design, inspired by the blades of a jet engine turbine. Both its hands and hour markers are finished with Super-LumiNova®, so that the watch is legible in low-light conditions. Its blue dial is complemented by a dark brown Louisiana croco leather strap, or by a black textile strap or a metal bracelet. The croco leather strap and textile strap feature an Oris’s patented clasp design, based on an airline safety belt buckle. The new Big Crown ProPilot Caliber 111 with a blue dial continues Oris’s longstanding tradition of creating practical, beautiful pilot’s watches made for real-life situations.


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Caliber 111, Oris’s series-produced in-house calibre, broke new ground when it was launched two years ago – now it’s back in stylish blue. When Oris unveiled the Artelier Caliber 111 in 2015, it marked a significant moment in the company’s history – the rebirth of Oris’s in-house movement development program. Now part of Oris folklore, the landmark watch is back, this time with a piercing blue dial that gives the line a stylish blue twist.

PIERCING BLUE DIAL The magic of Artelier Caliber 111 was – and remains – in its unique combination of complications. Its hand-wound mechanical movement delivers a 10-day power reserve, an Oris- patented non-linear power reserve indicator and a date indication. Oris is the only Swiss watch company with a movement that brings these features together in a single watch.

The watch’s huge power reserve is stored in the standout feature of the movement’s architecture, a single, oversized barrel, visible through a sapphire crystal case back. That, in turn, feeds the non- linear power reserve indicator at 3 o’clock. This is governed by a specially developed ‘worm gear’ also visible through the case back and shows the time remaining with ever greater accuracy as the time to rewind the watch approaches.

Caliber 111 was developed over a six-year period. Despite delivering exceptional performance, it still conforms to Oris’s value philosophy. Ever since 1904, when the company was founded by two watchmakers in the Swiss town of Holstein, Oris has combined state-of-the-art industrial manufacturing techniques, traditional hand-craftsmanship and sensible pricing to create beautiful, memorable watches designed to last a lifetime.

The new version of the Artelier Caliber 111 continues the legacy and positions Oris as one of the Swiss watch industry’s most pioneering mechanical watch innovators. It comes in a 43mm stainless steel case with a deep blue sun-ray dial and on a dark blue or black Louisiana Croco leather strap, or on a superbly engineered stainless steel bracelet. It is presented in a luxurious wooden box and is on sale from December 2017, with a retail price of CHF 5,500. The Oris Artelier Caliber 111 remains the only Swiss Made mechanical watch with a 10-day power reserve, a non-linear power reserve indicator and a date function and is water-resistant to 30 meters.

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Aquis Date


Oris launched the new Oris Aquis Date, a fresh interpretation of the independent Swiss company’s high-performance diver’s watch. In addition to offering a superlative build quality, the new Aquis Date is a stylish accessory, designed to give divers confidence both in the depths and on dry land.

Aquis DateOris has been making diver’s watches since the 1960s. The vintage-inspired Divers Sixty-Five collection serves as a reminder of the company’s pioneering spirit and innovative approach to watchmaking.

The Oris Full Steel of the late 1990s was a high-performance sports watch. It demonstrated the inventive ethos of Oris and sowed the seeds of the iconic Aquis collection, which became rapidly synonymous with diving watches. The new Aquis Date presents the next chapter in a story that began over 50 years ago.

The first Aquis was characterized by the design of its muscular horns and uni-directional rotating bezel. While the horns were designed so the metal bracelet or rubber strap would pivot to fit a wide range of wrist sizes, the broad bezel and its oversized numerals delivered outstanding underwater legibility. Both features delivered practical benefits that have made the Aquis a design icon and one of the first names in diver’s watches.

The new Aquis Date continues both the spirit and design DNA of its predecessor. Oris’s designers have added a touch of elegance to the tool watch to reflect the versatility owners now expect from a divers’ watch. Oris diver’s watches are no longer just for underwater adventures, they’re often found under a cuff.

Aquis DateMuch of the effect is in the detail. The horns and the bracelet are now thinner, giving the case and the whole watch a more slender profile. The hands and indices have been redesigned to look bolder and sharper, and the screw-in security crown and crown protectors have been refined to give the watch a sleeker silhouette. The bezel inlay is made of black, scratch- and fade-resistant ceramic, and the dial now proudly carries the Aquis name.

As well as aesthetic improvements, the new Aquis Date also delivers practical enhancements. The uni-directional bezel is now easier to grip, thanks to a small gap introduced between the case and the body, allowing greater purchase. The Aquis Date is water-resistant to 30 bar (300 meters), making it ideal for experienced scuba divers.

As a result, the new Oris Aquis Date is a stylish, high-performing diver’s watch. ‘We are extremely pleased with the next generation Aquis diver’s watch,’ commented Oris Chairman Ulrich W. Herzog. ‘This is a beautiful, hugely reliable underwater tool watch, made using the exacting techniques and according to the highest standards of Swiss watch manufacturing that have made Oris famous all over the world, and in the diving community in particular.

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jazz musicians


Oris and jazz go back many years, and the company’s limited edition jazz inspired watches have become collector’s favorites. This year, Oris is delighted to announce a watch made to commemorate one of the 20th century’s greatest jazz musicians, Dexter Gordon.

Dexter Gordon was born in 1923 in Los Angeles, California. His father was one of the first African-American physicians, whose patients included legendary jazz musicians Duke Ellington and Lionel Hampton. After learning the clarinet, at 15 Dexter switched to the saxophone. At 17, he picked up the tenor saxophone, the instrument with which he would become synonymous.

jazz musiciansDexter is widely regarded as the first musician to translate the language of mid-20th century modern jazz – pioneered by the likes of Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie and known as bebop – to the tenor saxophone. He recorded and performed extensively, both as the lead and as a sideman to fellow jazz greats, including Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole and Herbie Hancock. Later in life, he turned to acting and was nominated for an Academy Award for his role in the 1986 film Round Midnight. He died in 1990.

The Oris Dexter Gordon Limited Edition is the seventeenth jazz watch made by Oris. In keeping with the company’s previous jazz watches, it is a classic, deeply stylish piece. Its look is calm and harmonious, a reflection on Dexter’s famously warm, sociable personality.

jazz musiciansOris has included a number of subtle touches that reference the great man. The index at 12 o’clock is shaped like a saxophone reed, while DEXTER GORDON is spelt out around the dial, one letter per index. The central seconds hand is brass-colored like a saxophone and has an extended counterbalance, a reference to Dexter’s nickname Long Tall Dex, which is also engraved on the watch’s case back.

The Oris Dexter Gordon Limited Edition is limited to 1,000 pieces and will be available from January. “Jazz to me is a living music,” Dexter once said. “It’s a music that since its beginning has expressed the feelings, the dreams, the hopes of the people.”

The watch features an automatic movement produced in-house by Oris with a date window at 6 o’clock. The watch is made of a multi-piece stainless steel case and crown with sapphire crystal domed on both sides and anti-reflective coating inside. Water resistant to 50 meters, the watch has a sunray-finished grey dial with polished indices and nickel hour and minute hands. Polished, gold-plated, extended second hand and features a dark brown leather strap with stainless steel folding clasp. Each limited edition timepiece comes in a luxurious wooden box with bronze medal engraved with Long Tall Dex, as per detailing on the watch’s case back.

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iconic jazz


In line with their tradition of making watches in honor of iconic jazz artists, luxury Swiss watch maker Oris has created the Oris Thelonious Monk Limited Edition to salute one of the finest American jazz pianists and composers. Thelonious Monk was one of the guiding lights of modern jazz, remembered most for his masterly use of dissonance to set apart his music, a style defined by harmonies that are unstable within an overall harmonic context. In 1944, Monk wrote Round Midnight, which has since become the most recorded jazz standard composed by a jazz musician.

The Oris Thelonious Monk Limited Edition is a celebration of Monk’s distinctive style and talent. The 40mm steel watch has a sunray finished smoke blue dial with polished dots, and has the uncommon arrangement of 11 minute markers between the 10 and 12-hour markers, a nod to Monk’s dissonant technique.

On the reverse, the case back is engraved with the words MONK ALWAYS KNOW, referring to one of Monk’s many memorable quips inspired by the letters on his custom-made ring. To audiences, the ring appeared to say KNOW, but when approached, he would explain it read MONK.

The watch is presented in a wooden box with a satin grey lacquer finish and is limited to 1,000 pieces. It features an in house Oris Caliber 733 automatic movement. Each watch has a special engraved case back and engraved limited number and is fitted with a black leather strap with stainless steel folding clasp.

Over 100 years Oris has been making watches in Switzerland. Their watches are purely mechanical and are marked out by their distinctive design as well as the red rotor, the symbol of Oris mechanicals. Oris watches are also popular, as celebrities from Formula One, diving, jazz and aviation are among the loyal supporters of their unique creations.

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